Klauzurní workshop Programmable Bending
Vytvořeno: 4. 2. 2017 od Architektura III

Veronika Miškovičová a Ivan Olontsev

Greta Wildeová a Jan Adamus

Barbora Indráková a Martin Kotoul

Tamara Salajová, Adam Tippl a David Fořt

Olga Smolnikava a Mai Thanh Minh

Programmable bending is a strategy, which through the use of computational tools achieves a structure with complex geometry out of flat non-customized elements. Workshop considers possibilities of uneven layering as a method to preprogram bending characteristics of veneer stripes. The final shape of the structure is a result of a material computation. During the project participants design and fabricate an installation in the studio space according to the varous specifications. Workshop was a part of klausura task at studio Architecture III - professor Imrich Vaško - and led by studio assistant professor Shota Tsikoliya.