Virtual Composites
Vytvořeno: 18. 2. 2017 od Architektura III


Virtual Composites are architectural objects that combine geometries extracted from two or more materials using digital tools. During the semester, we will explore different material experiments and transform them into new reactional geometries, connect them on the virtual level and try to convert them back into the real world. Virtual Composites don´t have a specific function (yet), but could possibly get any architectural interpretation.

Composites are materials made of two or more constituent materials with different qualities. They are basic elements of architecture appearing in all scales and present in almost everything we create. The research of virtual – possible – states of materials and their merging into virtual composites can produce unexpected situations, connections and linings that could possibly generate a new approach to the detail of architecture and influence the expression and the form of architecture.

Ideal virtual composite – element of architecture – can join the architectural qualities of two or more materials that would not meet each other in the reality (their actual states). It is complex in its materiality and diverse in its states. It contains more different detail levels, exists in a high resolution, is zoomable and has its own very specific architectural expression.


Workshop is led by David Kovařík in collaboration with Imrich Vaško and Shota Tsikoliya and is part of the postmag program at AAAD Prague