Mezinárodní soutěže
Vytvořeno: 20. 12. 2020 od Architektura IV

Návrh domu pro konkrétní místo s konkrétním zadáním. Studenti si vybrali mezinárodní soutěž a pracovali ve tří až čtyřčlenných týmech.



Filip Janík, Kristýna Mocová, Tadeáš Stolín, Glib Sydorenko

We designed the building ensemble which should initiate the change in the city. We create green space from which grows three skyscrapers as an opposite to city which belong to cars. Project grows up from the vivid soil, from the forest – the part of green promenade. 

Every block volume follows own function. Residences, offices, a hotel and a leisure area.

Between these blocks arises a peaceful space. Main square, parks, promenade are adapted to people who need a rest from the city noises.


Pavilion Of Humanity: First Contact

David Krátký, Lujza Lehocká, Aleš Rezler

We are considering two basic scenarios which look positively towards the option of the existence of other intelligent kinds. The desire for reciprocity might be fulfilled by contact with an alien entity, while the fear that our time spans will not meet in one point in time might show as justified.

The pavilion works as the mediator of the anticipated encounter and at the same time it acts as a backup of human consciousness and potentially the final monument of humanity.


Museum of Materials

Matěj Hoffman, Jakub Cibula, Sveta Devyatkina

The conditions of the assignment, including the mundaneness of the Museum’s collections and the non-traditional ways of exhibiting them, led us to the question of the institution as such. The new concept of the Museum of materials has formed a direct relationship of the viewer with the museum collection. If the visitor feels like trying to break limestone, look into the microscopic world of nanofibers, examine the limits of materials in extreme conditions, or just find out what kind of wood he likes the most, the museum’s resources allow him to do so.
The Museum of Materials is an educational public place with space for individuality.


Towers of Materiality

Hanka Turnovská, Adam Kocík, Gianluca Ancora, Matěj Peterka

An open structure consisting of eight “material towers”, where the spaces inside enable intimate exploration of each material and the spaces in-between serve for different cultural activities, bringing the locals, the tourists and the artists tohether.


Restoration of the Goleto Abbey in Irpinia

Samuel Cigler, Kryštof Uhlík, Mari Poom

Since Goleto abbey has significant history and has itself strong genius loci, we have decided to strengthen and anchor its own atmosphere. In the past the monastery went through several recessions, no matter how devastating those periods were, there was always an effort to restore the ruins of Goleto with simple principles – to re-build what’s ruined and build what’s needed – we want to follow this attitude.

Ve čtvrtek 18. 12. 2020 proběhly závěrečné prezentace semestrálních projektů. Jako host přišel Ing. arch. MArch. Adam Gebrian.