Robotic Softness - Giulio Brugnaro
Vytvořeno: 7. 4. 2016 od Katedra architektury

Giulio Brugnaro is a trained architect with a strong interest in computational tools and robotic fabrication for architectural production. He is currently Early-stage Researcher (ESR) at The Bartlett School of Architecture in London as part of the InnoChain Research Network. His research focuses on exploring adaptive robotic fabrication processes and sensing methods that allow designers to engage with the qualitative properties of heterogeneous materials. Giulio’s interest in the use of technology within creative practices led him to work through different disciplinary fields and merge them together to reach innovative and unexpected results.
Previously he received a B.Arch. in “Architectural Sciences” at IUAV University of Venice and a M.Sc. in “Integrative Technologies and Architectural Design Research” (ITECH) at the University of Stuttgart.