The Academic Platforms of Computational Design
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The Academic Platforms of Computational Design

The Academic Platforms of Computational Design




Openning: Tuesday 5. 9. 2017 from 18:00
The exhibition ends at
: 7. 10. 2017
Galerie UM, UMPRUM, nám. Jana Palacha 80, Prague1
Opening times: Monday to Saturday 10:00–18:00
Free entrance




The UM Gallery season 2017/2018 will be opened with an exhibition The Academic Platform of Computational Design. This project builds on the first and second Experimental Architectural Biennial and is taking place within its third edition. The gallery will present works of leading European academic institutions and Czech academic platforms dedicated to experimental research in architecture.

"The development of computing technologies and the digitization of architectural tools radically influenced architectural practice and architectural research. Computational design allows for the creation of variable geometries, cooperation with other disciplines, and a direct connection to the fabrication process. Concentrating the process of design and of fabrication into a shared digital platform offers the potential for stronger feedback, more efficient collaboration and therefore a better, more innovative and creative architectural solution," elaborates on the benefits of experimental architecture Professor Imrich Vaško, Head of the Architecture Studio III UMPRUM and one of the founders and initiators of the Experimental Architecture Biennial. Together with his colleague and co-curator Shota Tsikoliya, they are actively engaged in academic architectural research.

Academic platforms have become a place of transferring necessary professional knowledge and know-how, but also a unique environment for research and innovation. New design and production technologies require more space for experiment, development, testing and prototyping. The possibilities of computational design and new technologies are increasingly studied and applied in cooperation with other scientific disciplines and technological research.

The exhibition presents the potential of research in the field of computational architectural design through models, prototypes and video projections. In this context the work of selected central european academic platforms focused on computational design research (Studio AIII UMPRUM, MOLAB) is also presented.

The special symposium MeetUp Prague will also take place within the exhibition. The event takes place on Wednesday, 6 September from 10:00 to 17:00 at the lecture hall 115 at UMPRUM.

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Exhibition curators: Imrich Vaško, Shota Tsikoliya
Participating institutions: Institute for Computational Design and Construction - University of Stuttgart, The Bartlett School of Architecture – UCL, CITA - Centre for Information Technology and Architecture – KADK, Gramazio Kohler Research – ETH, Institute for Architecture Sciences - TU WIEN, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, MOLAB - FA ČVUT, Ateliér architektury III - UMPRUM