Can´t Forgive II
Vytvořeno: 15. 10. 2020 od Galerie 207

Can´t Forgive II
Riccardo D´Avola-Corte, Eulalie Polne, Jiří Procházka

Zveřejnění online výstavy v úterý 27. 10. 2020
Zveřejnění online prezentací autorů v úterý 3. 11. 2020


Druhou online výstavu Galerie 207 v zimním semestru akademického roku 2020/ 2021 připravila tvůrčí dvojice Jiří Procházka, student katedry fotografie FAMU a Eulalie Polne, absolventka katedry fotografie FAMU ve spolupráci s italským umělcem Riccardem D´Avola-Cortem. Jistá forma sentimentu je přítomná v práci všech tří umělců. Snaha o zachycení něčeho, co už tu dávno není, snaha o zvěčnění a zachování odcházejícího.




Can´t Forgive II
Riccardo D´Avola-Corte, Eulalie Polne, Jiří Procházka

Release of the online exhibition on Tuesday, October 27th. 2020
Release of the artists online presentations on Tuesday, November 3th. 2020
The second online exhibition of Gallery 207 in the winter semester of the academic year 2020/ 2021 was prepared by Jiří Procházka, a student of the Department of Photography at FAMU and Eulalie Polne, a graduate of the Department of Photography at FAMU in collaboration with the Italian artist Riccardo D´Avola-Corte. A certain form of sentiment is present in the work of all three artists. An effort to capture something that has no longer in here. An effort to perpetuate and preserve the disappearing.

Can’t Forgive

And I get lost in your words

which is now my desert

while Demons are suspended twist on themselves obscuring the sun.

you left me here… in exile ...

Between mirage and desire.


until the tears becoming dust and your hugs claws that will crush me while you

hover like a ghost ...

But You are here… in the lies you have built ...

There are no more storms, everything is quiet now ... there is only silence and

blood in this narrow night that will bury me ...

While the world worries about running away ... I stopped to run ...

Looking at what's left ...

what's left?

I get lost again… seeing you dancing in the rain,

but it’s a memory of something that never happened …

Perhaps this is the moment to observe the stars ... to look elsewhere.

But I can only lose everything now that everything is running out.

In this suspended and torn time.

I think only get gone …