Ayaka Tajiri
Vytvořeno: 10. 6. 2019 od Ročenka absolventů 2019

Ayaka Tajiri


Absolvovaný ateliér

Ateliér intermediální konfrontace - program v anglickém Jazyce Visual Arts

Diplomová práce
Story of Smell Memory
Smells have a power to make me nostalgic and they are associated with my memories of life.  As an artist, I am interested in looking at the mechanism of our relationships with smell, memory and the emotions that they generate.
I didn’t use specific perfume in my last pieces. I collected memories about the smell from people, then visualize of the smell memory. 



Co mi škola dala?
I could meet a lot of interesting and fantastic people who I got inspiration from. And I learned how to přežij to and pivo.  



Co chci v budoucnu dělat
In the future I want to meet more things and people which meke me excited. From these inspiration I want to make new art works.