Hsinying Tsai
Vytvořeno: 9. 6. 2019 od Ročenka absolventů 2019

Hsinying Tsai


Absolvovaný ateliér

Ateliér keramiky a porcelánu - program v anglickém jazyce Visual Arts

Diplomová práce
How Memory Across Medium Reflect My Work / GUYU
By using my own memories as my theme, I adopt illustration narratives to draw on ceramics, in order to present my childhood sceneries. This is also the first time that I learned to connect art works with the self through pottery. With this as my starting point, I’d like to use memories as hooks to deeply explore and get to know myself, in order to complete this project.



Co mi škola dala?
Cultural difference always interest me. Logic build up for the project by consulting in UMPRUM, the resource, experience and relationship between me and classmates.



Co chci v budoucnu dělat
Trying new things like I always do in UMPRUM