Ksenija Marković
Vytvořeno: 11. 6. 2019 od Ročenka absolventů 2019

Ksenija Marković

Černá Hora

Absolvovaný ateliér

Ateliér designu nábytku a interiéru - program v anglickém jazyce Visual Arts

Diplomová práce
3D printable summer family house
Looking at the history of human inventions from its inception, it seems like we have been on an endless technological roller coaster ride. According to some experts, we are at the beginning of the Fourth Industrial Revolution marked by emerging technology breakthroughs in many fields. The diploma work is about one of the most promising forms of technology of today, Additive manufacturing or popularly known as 3D printing, and its application in the fields of architecture and design. More precisely it's about creating a conceptual solution for the printable summer residence in Montenegro surrounded by olive groves. The conceptual solution for its design is inspired by two famous and popular details of traditional Montenegrin architecture, the Paštrovska house and guvno, and it has some of its principles and motifs.



Co mi škola dala?
My experience at AAAD was enriching from many aspects. First of all, I had the opportunity to study in a multicultural environment surrounded by fellow students from around the world. The overall experience with the academic program was useful in terms of expanding the knowledge I already had about interior and furniture design.



Co chci v budoucnu dělat
In the future, I'll continue to work and expand my knowledge in fields of set, interior and furniture design.