Yea-Eun Jang
Vytvořeno: 12. 6. 2019 od Ročenka absolventů 2019

Yea-Eun Jang

Jižní Korea

Absolvovaný ateliér

Ateliér filmové a televizní grafiky - program v anglickém jazyce Visual Arts

Diplomová práce
Grand Finale:Abyss
A finale, the end of one process, becomes the beginning of the next stage. There is always an exit to overcome problems even if it is the darkest traumatic memory. Everything is on a Möbius strip, and time of life is non-orientable, so it always comes back and forth. A diver, who wants to see the bottom of the sea, the bottomless abyss, passes through all his life timelines.



Co mi škola dala?
Cool and crazy artists in every single atelier. A family-like atmosphere of the school.  I learnt to enjoy, be laid back, and be quirky/authentic regardless it looks weird or not. Braník, Čočka na kyselo, Retro Fashion, Hipsters, and a beautiful window view of Pražský hrad.



Co chci v budoucnu dělat
I am continuing my study to a doctorate degree so the next few years I will focus on my research project about Naïveness and Moving Image as an integrated art. Alongside this, I will participate in film festivals, residencies, exhibitions, conferences, and art-related events. For fun, I would like to keep creating artistic textile designs and to perform self-composed experimental sound pieces at the public. At some point in the future, I want to establish my own art, design, and cultural studio including independent film screenings and supporting unknown artists' exhibitions.