Yu Lin Huang
Vytvořeno: 13. 6. 2019 od Ročenka absolventů 2019

Yu Lin Huang


Absolvovaný ateliér

Ateliér skla - program v anglickém jazyce Visual Arts

Diplomová práce
Through The Looking-glass
Mirror has being an important role in our lives; the wondrous mirror has had a great impact toward human history, it shows us who we are and solves our curiosity. With the fast paced technology development, mirror has changed its form and the way how we use it.
Through The Looking-glass is a series glass objects presenting the new mirror of 21st century, based on the modern phenomenon of Narcissism, and the inseparable relationship between human and technologies. Media becomes the new mirror; we use camera and piece of glass screen to reflects ourselves, we jump into virtual world built our persona by virtual images, just as Alice went through the rabbit hole chase her imaginary wonderland.



Co mi škola dala?
The free-spirited and creative hearts within schoolmates and tutors is the most enriching part during my study; I enjoyed very much every consultations and klauzuras when students are open-minded share their ideas and knowledges. 



Co chci v budoucnu dělat
I cherish every knowledges and informations about glass art and design I gained during my practices these two years.
I want to continue my own art and design as an independent artist in the future, hope to experiment more techniques and maybe try to create bigger project.