Ateliér K.O.V. v New Yorku
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EE + K.O.V.

You are cordially invited to a lecture and presentation by
Eva Eisler
Thursday, September 13, 2012 at 7:00 PM
Eva Eisler, the Chairman of the K.O.V. Studio
(concept-object-meaning) at the Academy of Arts, Architecture
and Design in Prague, Czech Republic, will present in a lecture
at the Czech Center New York a selection of her own work as
well as work of her students from 2008-2012, ranging from
unconventional jewelry, table-top objects, wooden containers
and sculptural structures balancing on the verge of being
functional, between art and design, perfection and imperfection,
drawing the viewer into the intimate space / architecture of our

Czech Center New York
Bohemian National Hall
321 East 73rd Street, NYC