Learning About Images by Listening to Music
Vytvořeno: 12. 3. 2019 od Ateliér volného umění IV (Fotografie I)

Learning About Images by Listening to Music

středa 13. 3. 2019 od 20 hodin

UMPRUM, Ateliér fotografie I, nám. Jana Palacha 80, Praha 1, učebna 405

UMPRUM uvádí první ze série poslechových večerů pořádaných Ateliérem fotografie I. Hostem prvního večera bude jeden z pořadatelů multimediální umělec a asistent ateliéru fotografie I Martin Kohout.


In the first episode of this listening/lecture series, Martin Kohout will focus on a selection of musical examples of compositions combining various genres into reinventive narratives, incorporating surprising turns, layering and some amounts of weirdness. The goal is to take these examples as a potential manual for a work process and ways of thinking, or gaining courage for experiments.

Sound system: Adam A5X & Sub7.


Learning About Images by Listening to Music is a series of listening events with various guests organised by Martin Kohout in collaboration with Aleksandra Vajd and the Studio of Photography #1 VŠUP, Prague.