Peter Fabo: Schwarzwälder
Vytvořeno: 13. 9. 2017 od Ateliér fotografie

Lektor UMPRUM a absolvent Ateliéru Fotografie Peter Fabo se představí v rámci Berlin Art Week s výstavou



16. 9. – 1. 10. 2017
Vernisáž: čtvrtek 14. 9. od 19 hodin


KASKL, Kaskelstr. 28, Berlin




It might be that I am going to fuck you out of your mind but I won´t inform you in advance. I follow intuition and what God sends. I have thousands of ideas and you are going to learn them the hard way. Learning is suffering. Technology is no constriction. I will bring you everything that your heart of hearts desires. The summer. Cold water is refreshing, coffee is black, mind is high on shit and the shit is wholesome. You want to know what I am? I mean... People! Do they ever think? This morning says nothing about the night before or the night that is about to come. You want to divine and disclose the future? You have your own cards, brother. Phoenician Sailor. Belladonna. The Wheel. You are your own fortune-teller and I have nothing to say. I like pears and grass and speakers and boobs on that young neighbor. A roll of the dice – that is my image.


Peter Fabo