Superhand Will Change the World
Vytvořeno: 30. 4. 2018 od Ateliér sochařství

Sculpture studio invites you to


SUPERHAND Will Change the World

Thursday 3rd May, 2018

Flat 360° (next to gallery Start Up, on the right) 

Colloredo Mansfeld Palace (Prague City Gallery)

Karlova 189/2, Praha 1


Superhand wants to heal the world and make it a better place for you and for me. No message could have been any clearer then to start with the man in the mirror. So why this massage doesn’t work for many? 

Does recycling & cycling make you feel like a better person? 

Should I take a job in O2 so I can afford organic cashews in my smoothie every day? 

We have been a victims of a selfish kind of love and washed-out dream of individual responsibility as a solution to big-scale problems. 

Should we demand a radical change of the system or is it enough to sett the bombs of poetic terrorism in our temporary autonomous flat?

Please join us in this private, public, flat, gab, embrace contradictions.


12 to 2 pm 

Nina Beier: Housing Project 



5 to 10 pm 

Moral Spread

Eating sustainable food while discussing sustainability

Ruta Putramentaite and others

Man In The Mirror

Jonáš Richter

Superhand recycling

Sale of recycled clothes

Sleepover book club party 

Lenka Glisníková & Tania Nikulina

Hydroponic Gardening

Nicolas Prokop & David Střeleček 

Hide your personal belongings from the guests and straighten up the wall

Eugenia Galanopoulou, Vojtěch Hlaváček, Denisa Langrová & Jakub Wiesner


Music: Blazing Bullets

Styling: Martina Feitová (Recycle Vintage Store)


Organized by Sculpture Studio UMPRUM with the kind support of UMPRUM and GHMP