Ceramics and Porcelain

Exhibition at London Design Festival 

Bohemian Mud

Created: 30. 6. 2017

UMPRUM at Oslo National Academy of the Arts

Event: 21. 11. 2016 - 25. 11. 2016

Studio of Ceramics and Porcelain and the Studio of Textile Design in Chungnam National University in Korea

Created: 4. 5. 2016

Designblok 2013

Created: 28. 11. 2014

Self Portrait

Created: 28. 11. 2014


Created: 28. 11. 2014

UMPRUM Prague invades London!

Created: 26. 8. 2014

Ceramics and Porcelain Studio


Introversion on one side - exploration of one's interior through a spontaneous contact with clay.  Clay as a medium for the recreation of our interrupted relationships with the earth, hidden in the unconscious. Intuitive approximation to the archetypal sediments of collective memory. Return to a spontaneous expression free of ambitions, purpose, aesthetic andother criteria. Authenticity of expression in its genuine raw form - whether in the abstract, figural or conceptual form. Deliberate innovation as an intellectual adventure. New materials or new unexpected combination of known materials. A new view of the function and functioning of the objects - new design. The norms of vulgarized functionalism and rationalism no longer apply. The refreshing lesson of postmodern plurality and unlimited freedom has brought something significant. Everything that follows is subject to more rigid discipline again but just rationality and a matter-of-fact approach are not enough. They combine with playfulness, emotion, wit and often surprisingly elaborated details, achieving unexpected harmony and originality. Geometry is no longer a dogma but becomes poetry.


Head of the Studio

MgA. Maxim Velčovský  


MgA. Milan Pekař