Zuzana Kalips - Living Object
Created: 14. 6. 2019 from Concept - Object - Meaning (K.O.V.)

Zuzana Kalips -  Living Object


16. 6. - 20. 6. 2019
opening: 15. 6. 2019, 6 pm

BACKYARD, U Obecního dvora 2, Praha 1

opening hours 11 - 19 hodin


Student of the Studio Concept - Object - Meaning (K.O.V.) Zuzana Kalips - Špiláková is presenting her diploma work Living Object at the BACKYARD showroom.

Living object

We perceive observe /touch/ an object only when interacting.

Sugar represents abundance- with its flavor and name it may only be an expression of human dependency and desire for restless maximizing… what do we lack?
Sugar is diverse. When in water it searches for its form. It is beautiful. It lures our eyes, attracts us with its fragrance. It longs for touch. Yet it continually transforms and falls apart from the inside.
In the end there is nothing left of it than sweet liquid. A memory without form.
Situation: We observe an object. This process that always changes. It loosens gradually, disintegrating, facing its own inner pressure. Never stops. However, it appears strong, it creates fragile and vulnerable space. An object is created out of abundance, and yet it doesn’t always bring contempt and peace. Cement and sugar - there is a tension between industrial and natural. Temporariness - uncertainty – change is the main feature of today. We build the object into forms though it is about to fall apart. The form is a mark, proof of contact, presented by a relation between objects. The human impact on the planet, nature and in the end on himself will show in several decades. Changes of this object are irreversible as well as of the reality.
The object represents process of slowing down in a way. It stands as the opposite of the nowadays pace, fast age of consumption.