Fashion and Footwear Design

Presentation in Japan 

Japan // Calm force at Bunka Fashion Graduate University Fashion Week

Event: 30. 1. 2017 - 3. 2. 2017
Studio of Fashion and Footware Design 

Art of Fashion

Event: 30. 4. 2016 - 12. 5. 2016
Exhibition in Vienna 

Iconic Recycling

Event: 26. 11. 2015 - 9. 1. 2016
Fashion Show 

Iconic Recycling

Event: 17. 9. 2015
Fashion Show at Podnik 

My Brand Collection

Created: 24. 11. 2014

Studio NYC trip

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Created: 9. 6. 2013

Head of the Studio  

doc. Liběna Rochová
She has been working in the field for many years, often representing Czech fashion design abroad (exhibitions and shows in Vienna, Paris, Lyon, New York, Dusseldorf and Los Angeles). Her experience and skills allow her to design film, theatre and stage costumes, tailor-made works of art, gowns for singer performances as well as everyday clothing, prêt-a-porter collections and her own collections of unique models, the most prestigious discipline for each fashion designer. Her work is inspired by individual and fine art and is more open to art than to strictly fashion design forms.
She cooperates with the Austrian association of lace manufacturers for whom she creates inspiring models. Her works are represented in the collection of Museé de Tissus in Lyon, and in the museums of decorative arts in Prague and Brno.
In 1992, she was awarded the title "Designer of the Season" at the Styl Brno trade fair, in 1995, she won the "Excellent Design" award by the  Design Center of the Czech Republic, in 2009 her collection Homage to Glass won the second prize on Czech Grand Design. She designs glass jewels for AJETO - "Liběna Rochová for AJETO".
She organizes regular summer workshops at the farm of actor Bolek Polívka.
In 1999, she founded Studio LR in Prague, in 2005 a gallery supporting young designers was opened within the Studio LR.


Bc. Michal Vaníček

Fashion and Footwear Design

The main idea of this studio's new concept consists in a creative approach to fashion forms, including shoe and accessories design. 

This main path emphasizing the development of creative thinking should lead to a unique creation exceeding the form of a piece of clothing, shoe or accessory towards fine art.
The key values for this studio are freedom and search, teaching students to discover their own resources, respecting their own personality. Support to individual personality and creative development of students are the key principles of the work in this studio.
Apart from this creative search overlapping in fashion art and fashion at the edge, students are taught to transfer these forms of fine art to commercial prêt-a-porter forms and work in the real context of Czech and international clothing industry.
Students also learn how to found a brand and manage a business.  
The basic principle is excellent workmanship in both tailoring and haute-couture. Students must also learn to work with