Hang in There
Created: 13. 6. 2016 from Fashion Design

Hang in There

Diploma Exhibition of Fashion Design Studio AAAD

22. 6. - 30. 6.

Vinohradský pavilon
Vinohradská 1200/50, Praha 2



Collection of 5 different approaches in 5 model situations personifies clothes through simulated performative instalations. Emphasis of individualities paradoxically highlights common postcontemporary approach to fashion design. Particular instalations bring up atmosphere of natural environment own to their wearer. One of the situations that illustrates our relationship to a garment is how we treat it when we aren't being watched, when were alone with it, when we leave it alone, when we dont need it. Garment blends with our intimat space, becomes a part of it. It doesnt function as a protection to human body, it becomes an extension of our personality.


Exhibition opening: 22/6/2016, 6pm, Galerie Pavilon.


Exhibiting designers: Filip Hieke, Tereza Rosálie Kladošová, Tereza Ledvinová, Petra Pluháčková, Viktoria Yash

Curators: Lenore Jurkyová, Nik Timková

Exhibition installation: Aleš Kachlík, Tomáš Rachunek

Head of the Studio: Pavel Ivančic

Assistant: Alice Klouzková