František Jungvirt at Cluster Crafts Fair 2022
Created: 25. 7. 2022 from Glass

František Jungvirt at Cluster Crafts Fair 2022

7. 7. - 10. 7. 2022

Ugly Duck, 49 Tanner Street, London.


Fresh graduate of the UMPRUM Glass Studio, František Jungvirt, presents his school and own works at the Cluster Crafts Fair in London.

František presents four different collections of vases at the show. Fleur vases are his student project, created under the studio assignment "FLOWER". The collection of these vases works with black and white variants, both pure and hand-painted. The shape are inspired by the petal of a flower and the romantic game of throwing petals on the waters surface, the rhyme "He loves me, he loves me not".

Subsequent series were created as František's independent projects. The series of vase-objects TRDLÍK are inspired by the spring planting of flowers and the awakening of nature from its winter sleep.

Thanks to its matt surface and muted pastel colours, the SILKY BLACK velvet vase/object looks tender and brings a new way of looking at the glass material. The latest introduction is the COCO vase, which is a reference to fashion icon Coco Chanel. It is both a feminine and masculine element, a combination of purity, austerity, and luxury.

The universally successful Cluster Crafts Fair returns this year with a focus on Glass & Movement, celebrating the UN International Year of Glass 2022. The fair seeks to support young, emerging designers working in all crafts and to challenge the boundaries between craft, design, sculpture and fine art. The exhibition was curated by Valeria Del Vacchi.