Transparency Nation
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TRANSPARENCY NATION (2 June – 30 June, 2011)

 Glass has seen a huge technological and related aesthetic development. The Studio of GLASS has responded to this wanting to enhance the strong artistic and handicraft tradition with a greater emphasis on the current approach to the visual art and design. Glass is a unique and remarkable phenomenon and material especially in the Czech Republic, indeed, but it is not a panacea as one can see on many levels of glass education, industry as well as artistic activities.

Rony Plesl – Head of the Studio of Glass

 The Studio of Glass of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague will present the selection of the best student work at the exhibition of Dox, the Centre of Contemporary Art. The studio led by Academic Architect Rony Plesl has prepared an exhibition of objects bringing the phenomenon of glass and the plethora of possibilities this material offers to the designers closer to the visitors.

 The TRANSPARENCY NATION Exhibition is a unique presentation of different approaches to work with glass. Sixteen students including five trainees as well as the head of the studio Rony Plesl and his assistants will display objects which differ in size, form, and function, and always share one major feature – glass. The exhibition is divided into two sections. The first part will introduce free work of students; the other part of the exhibition is dedicated to applied artefacts produced with the assistance of Czech glass factories Ajeto, Janštejn, and Kavalier. Both sections of the exhibition mutually complement each other and overlap offering a complex view of the current glass. The part concentrating on the applied glass design will be a selling exhibition. The visitors will have a unique opportunity to purchase products in the Qubus Shop situated directly in Dox.


The exhibition name “Transparency Nation” means transparent, simple, straightforward, clean, not corrupt, pervasive, translucent, diffusive, visible, and well-arranged. On the one hand, these synonyms express an ideological concept of the exhibition, but they also paraphrase the direction followed by the Studio of Glass of the AAAD. The Studio aims at following the way of creative design transcending to a conceptual approach from which one can cross to any artistic discipline.

“Point, line, space, ground plan, horizon, contour, material, and above all light – these are formal borders and guideposts of all the authors. The use of new, mainly transparent materials as well as new technologies to create a strong emotional and aesthetic experience will be preferred to the detriment of traditional glass-making methods,” Rony Plesl described the direction followed by the students during work.

Rony Plesl (1975)

Czech designer Rony Plesl graduated from the AAAD in 1990. He is an internationally sought-after and acknowledged artist, whose glass objects occupy a pre-eminent position in art collections in Germany, USA, the Netherlands or Japan. He regularly displays his work at exhibitions abroad. His work can be also seen in the interior of the Zoom Hotel, the Bellevue Restaurant. Since 2008 he has been the Head of the Studio of Glass at the AAAD in Prague.   


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The AAAD has published a catalogue of the exhibition which introduces the work of all the authors and can be considered a manifesto of the Studio of Glass under the leadership of Rony Plesl.