ARTSEMESTR Winter 2019

Created: 19. 2. 2020
Exhibition at UM Gallery 

Mision, vision, revision

Event: 16. 1. 2020 - 29. 2. 2020
Exhibition in Netherlands at the Dutch Design Week 

National Treasure, Czech Craft is Here

Event: 19. 10. 2019 - 27. 10. 2019
ARTSEMESTR Summer 2019 

ARTSEMESTR Summer 2019

Created: 9. 10. 2019

ARTSEMESTR Winter 2019

Created: 13. 2. 2019

Project of the Studio of Textile Design Aš po Už/horod

Created: 11. 9. 2018

ARTSEMESTR Summer 2018

Event: 7. 6. 2018 - 10. 6. 2018

ARTSEMESTR Winter 2018

Event: 25. 1. 2018 - 30. 1. 2018
Exhibition of the Studio of Textile Design 

Textile and Architecture at HEIMTEXTIL

Event: 9. 1. 2018 - 12. 1. 2018

UMPRUM Student Aneta Dvořáková Wins The Young Creations Award at Heimtextil 2017

Created: 20. 1. 2017
Exhibition at Heimtextil 

Studio of Textile Design at Heimtextil 2017

Event: 10. 1. 2017 - 13. 1. 2017

Textile Design Studio  

The studio specialized in textile design was opened in 1945. Its founder and first director was prof. Antonín Kybal (1945-1970).

In his work as a teacher and artist, Kybal insisted on thorough knowledge of the discipline, materials and production processes and strictly distinguished between hand-made and industrially produced fabrics. He emphasized training at workshops directly at the school (weaving, print), as well as theoretical knowledge of textile techniques and training of students directly in textile works. For Kybal, the royal discipline of his field was tapestry, which, in his opinion, allows maximum freedom and distinctiveness in the presentation of an artistic intention. In 1965, the studio was incorporated under the Department of Industrial Design, later under the Department of Environment and today it is a part of the Department of Applied Arts.
In 1971-1986, the studio was directed by prof. Bohuslav Felcman, until then Kybal's assistant, and from 1984 (or 86?) to 1990 by doc. Vlastimil Vodák, the former assistant to professor Felcman. The approach of both these teachers continued on the principles established and tested by Kybal.
Significant changes took place in 1990, when two separate studios were created based on a tender. The first one was focused on more or less traditional textile design under the supervision of prof. Bohdan Mrázek (1990-1996), who, in his own work as well as in his work with students, actively reflected new tendencies in tapestry, often of a strongly experimental nature. The second studio was directed by professor Adéla Matasová (1990-2003), who looked for new ways of incorporating artistic works (not just textile) in the environment. This studio of conceptual and media art is now directed by Jiří David (from 2003). In 1996-2001, the studio of textile design was led by  doc. Renata Rozsívalová, who, in line with her own work, emphasized the return to the purity of workmanship and revival of Kybal's "royal tapestry", while allowing students to react to the contemporary trends. Assistant to professors Mrázek and  Renata Rozsívalová was Emilie Frydecká (1990-2001).
In 2001-2003, the studio was led by assistant professor Petr Říha, who preferred individual assignments for each student and maximum freedom of work with possible combinations of materials, sometimes exceeding the limits of textile design (assistant Mirka Krausová).
From 2003, the studio was directed by assistant professor  Eva Jandíková, (assistant Ivana Urbánková). In 2006, she was replaced by academic painter Petr Říha with assistant Dalimil Vrtal.
The studio of textile design at the AAAD explores textile design in all its forms, i.e. surface decoration, repeated infinite patterns, solitaire pattern and their use in fashion, apartment decoration, stage design and other types of design. Students of this studio create designs for different textile applications and superficial as well as three-dimensional assignments, in which textile is traditionally used or can be used as an alternative material. Our current aim is to enhance collaboration between the studio's students and private businesses working with specific modern technologies. The aim of such collaboration is to overcome the school's theoretical boundaries towards the practice with all its aspects - technological specificities, trends, connection to the market, economic aspect, feasibility of the projects, etc.
The studio has been collaborating with Velveta Varnsdorf, a. s., important Czech textile works. The collaboration aims at the creation of a highly qualified small-scale production for demanding customers.
Another of the studio's new projects is aimed at interconnecting various scientific disciplines with design in order to employ the findings and results of research and theory obtained in other fields than the traditional sources of inspiration and cooperation for designers.

Substitute Head of the Studio
MgA. Gabriela Náhlíková

Head of the Studio - currently on sabbatical
MgA. Jitka Škopová

MgA. Anna Leschingerová


nám. J. Palacha 80, 116 93 Praha 1
room No. 206
tel.: +420 251 098 246