Architecture I


Visions of Šluknov

Event: 30. 11. 2017


Created: 3. 11. 2014

The Pokoje Exhibition

Created: 3. 11. 2014

ARTSEMESTR Summer 2014

Created: 3. 11. 2014

Head of the Studio

doc. Ing. akad. arch. Jan Šépka


Ing. arch. Miroslava Gulbisová

The work in this studio adheres to the principle that architecture is not about walls but about the space between them. In A1, we emphasize the method of thinking - from the initial analysis to a possible protest or opposition and the search for an adequate means of expression for the given function in the given context. With the right method, an architect can handle extensive comprehensive tasks across all genres and regardless of the format. The workshop develops talent and respect to technical disciplines as well as social sciences. Our aim is to educate fully integrated personalities.  Talent, expert knowledge and willingness to learn after the studies should be the main characteristics of Architecture I graduates.