The Pavilion on the Roof of an Apartment Complex in Bratislava
Created: 21. 8. 2019 from Architecture III

Studio Architecture III assistant professor Shota Tsikoliya and former student Jan Kovaříček in collaboration with studio COLLARCH and architekti Šebo Lichý realised a pavilion on the rooftop of an appartment building in Bratislava.

The object can resemble an abstract structure, a cloud or a silhouette of a grove on a hilltop. The design transforms an uncertain shape through a regular orthogonal grid. Glossy metal surfaces create a spectacular play of shadow and light. While red lines contrasting with the light surroundings, create an illusion of a two dimensional drawing, only a moving observer notices the three-dimensional character of the structure.  Located on the roof of the apartment complex, the sculpture presents a clear iconic orientation point for the neighborhood.

The structure consists of 130 identical segments, each being an orthogonal three dimensional cross made of welded 60x60mm steel beams with square cross-sections. The segments are bolted together and can be re-assembled in various configurations.