Created: 12. 6. 2013 from Department of Architecture

Volume # 1 EAB starts with 10 academic studios in Vienna, Insbruck, Bratislava and Prague, presenting new rising stars.

Prague was once a center of the avant-garde, the intersection of architectural movements, motions and tendencies. Over the last century, since the collapse of the monarchy, the creation of national diversification and the differentiation of cultural islands began and so did the diversification of the architecture of Central Europe. The cultural avant-garde mile axis between Berlin, Prague and Vienna weakened, new centers commenced to emerge, the geopolitical impact mixed and the tendency of cultural separation strengthen. New Prague accrued, differentiating itself from the trends of the outside world, and so did new Vienna, strengthening its global connectivity. While the architecture of Austria had become not only the exporter of newfangled utopias, but also an transatlantic importer of the latest tendencies and trends, the Czech architecture gradually resigned from international ambitions and froze their academic environment, while the Slovak architecture oscillates between both. Initiating the first Experimental Architecture Biennial follows the aim of restoring the interest in architectural thinking beyond the closed boundaries of evaluation criteria. It introduces the studios that emerged from the last decade’s transformations of modernistic schools of analogue architecture into academic environment exploring experimental and associative methods of digital „computer aided design“ using combined and new production technologies.