Centre for Doctoral Studies

The Centre for Doctoral Studies deals with the coordination of studies in doctoral programmes at UMPRUM with science and research, and assists students in matters related to the organisation of postgraduate studies, international contacts and scientific work. The aim of its activities is, among other things, to improve the quality of theoretical and artistic doctoral studies and the efficiency of their organisation, to improve the care of learners during their studies, to create practical conditions for interdisciplinary cooperation projects and to strengthen the possibilities of sharing the results of doctoral programmes with the whole school. Together with the International Department, it also focuses on the internationalisation of doctoral studies. Last but not least, it advocates the development of the concept of artistic research as a key area of interest for the School.

In practice, the CDS ensures regular meetings of the Doctoral Programme Boards, the holding of the Examination Colloquium, and takes care of student information on teaching and research opportunities, international mobility and other student activities. It advocates methodological support for the development of doctoral programmes. The CDS works in close cooperation with the Study Department, which is responsible for standard matters related to admission, progression and completion of studies.


Contacts and Agendas

prof. PhDr. Milena Bartlová, CSc.
The Head of the Centre for Doctoral Studies manages and coordinates the activities of doctoral studies and is directly subordinate to the Vice-Rector for Science and Research
e-mail: milena.bartlova@umprum.cz

Ing. Iva Henault
Administrative support for the Centre for Doctoral Studies (preparation of meetings of the Doctoral Programme Board and Doctoral Colloquia, collection of forms for the Doctoral Studies Seminar for the Dissertation and the Artistic Professional and Teaching Activities) 
e-mail: iva.henault@umprum.cz


Ing. Iveta Antálová
Study Department Officer for Doctoral Students
e-mail: iveta.antalova@umprum.cz