Industrial Design


ARTSEMESTR Winter 2019

Created: 13. 2. 2020
ARTSEMESTR Summer 2019 

ARTSEMESTR Summer 2019

Created: 9. 10. 2019

ARTSEMESTR Summer 2019

Created: 25. 9. 2019
Large scale exhibition 

ARTSEMESTR Summer 2019

Event: 5. 6. 2019 - 9. 6. 2019

Competition Best in Design 2019

Created: 6. 5. 2019
V žluť!!! 

Relax při střelbě z luku

Created: 29. 4. 2019
Prší prší jen se leje kam koníčci pojedeme...? 

Grasshopper WRKSHP!!!

Created: 27. 4. 2019

Presentation of NVIDIA Challange Metropia 2042

Created: 31. 3. 2019
skenuju, skenuj, skenujem 3D! 

Školení 3D scanner

Created: 29. 3. 2019
Design proces 

User Design Experience přednáška Ondřej Mynařík

Created: 25. 3. 2019
Některé realistické teorie z angloamerického světa 

Přednáška Jana Michla

Created: 7. 3. 2019

This studio addresses a wide range of tasks, from the design of small items of everyday use to car design. The important issues for us are the development of active creation and recognition of a wider context for design products. Students learn to analyze problems, look for new solutions and move the philosophy of the designed product forward. During the creative process, we use traditional design methods as well as virtual techniques. Purely conceptual tasks are complemented with specific projects carried out in cooperation with businesses. An important part of the studies are scholarships abroad, enriching students with experience and reflecting the work of the studio.


Head of the Studio
doc. M.A. Ivan Dlabač

MgA. Vlastimil Bartas


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