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Created: 29. 8. 2016 from Industrial Design



Created: 29. 8. 2016

Exhibition of bicycle stands for students of the Industrial Design Studio


September 1, 2016 to September 30, 2016

Opening on 5 September at 5 pm

Foyer, 1st Floor of Lifelong Learning Center
Wonkova 1262 / 1a, Hradec Kralove

free entry



How can you park your bike safely and at the same time aesthetically? This will be shown by the exhibition of bicycle racks at the Industrial Design Studio LOCK! The whole project, including the exhibition, was based on the cooperation of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague and the city of Hradec Králové. Especially for him, the students designed and prepared bicycle prototypes. And which eventually appears in the streets of Hradec? This will also be decided by a poll, which you can take part in at the exhibition or special Facebook pages Lock.

The city of Hradec Králové is a well-known “cycling” city and one of its priorities is to expand cycling and improve its operation. The ability to safely dispose of a bicycle is often critical to choosing this mode of transport. The City of Hradec Králové is also aware of this, and it has decided to address UMPRUM students with the requirement to develop their own designs for bicycle stands. Designing the shape of the racks for all standard bicycle tips must be in line with technical and functional requirements.

"The opportunity to engage in such a project is a good task for students with practical experience. Having a chance to sign in a public space is a challenge." Ivan Dlabač, head of the Industrial Design Studio, says about the project. Not only under his leadership, the students created 9 inspiring, distinctive designs, which will now be presented in Hradec Králové at the ZAMKNI! And which of the nine proposals will be implemented? This will also be influenced by a poll intended not only for Hradec Králové residents.


For detailed information on each rack, please refer to the "Read more ..." link below.


Exhibitors: Tomáš Růžička, Tom Šindelář, Jan Večerek, Eva Petříková, Michal Pražský, Daniel Krejčí, Prokop Strnka, Michael Rosa
The authors of the exhibition: Daniel Krejčí and Michal Pražský
Photo: Peter Fabo
Graphics: Nicole Pálenská



We thank the city of Hradec Kralove and the Hradec Kralove Library for their cooperation
Exhibitors and their realization:


Tomáš Růžička
When designing the bicycle rack for Hradec Králové, I was inspired by the Gothic shaping of the St. Vitus Cathedral. Spirit on the Great Square. I have created a total of two types of stands: one for bikes with a frame ending just below the lock hole and the other with a hole in the center of the bike stand with different frame types. My goal was to create a simple sculptural object that would complement the historic square in front of St. Vitus Cathedral. The Spirit, but at the same time did not forget the modern part of the city.


Tom Šindelář
The bicycle stand is made of laser-coated and then bent 10mm steel sheet. The top surface serves as a side table, so the stand takes on a new function even when the wheel is not supported.


Jan Večerek
The design of the street furniture for Hradec Králové is inspired by the geographical distribution of the town, the confluence of the Labe and the Orlice. There were used financially and technically inexpensive technologies of wooden logs for stable support of the wheel on the frame and casting of cast iron with eye for locking.


Eva Petříková
My intention was to design a simple, elegant bicycle stand that sensitively complements the city's environment. The dominant criterion was the height of the operator, comfort when clamping the wheel and minimizing the risk of damage to the bicycle frame. The metal frame of the stand is therefore completed with a rubber band.


Michal Pražský
The bike stand has a simple, geometric shape that resembles the stylized letter H, referring to the city name. Thanks to the center rung, all types of wheels can be conveniently locked to the stand, including children's and folding bikes. My goal was to make a simple but functional stand that would also refer to the city and would complement it.


Daniel Krejčí
(created as a part of internship in interior design and furniture studio led by Prof. Jiří Pelcl)
When designing a concrete stand, I focused on fixing the wheel to eliminate the risk of damaging the frame. The shape of the stand and the design correspond to the function. The project's leitmotif is the poetic solidarity of urban furniture in the form of a bicycle stand with urban public space.
Design solution, allows to place the stand close to the houses, but also to the free space. Locking is done by means of a steel mesh, through which the lock is threaded. The eye is placed under the frame. Anchoring to the ground is by means of an internal fitting that protrudes from the casting bottom.


Prokop Strnka
When designing a bicycle rack for the city of Hradec Králové, I strove for simplicity, timelessness and the lowest possible production costs. The dominant element of my stand are two circles that serve as holes to push the lock. The above-mentioned circle is bigger for the bikes, the latter is especially appreciated by the smallest traffic participants - children. Shape purity and simplicity are the ideal combination to make the stand fit into the city without any more attention, and at the same time be an important cognitive element.


Michael Rosa
(created as a part of internship in interior design and furniture studio led by Prof. Jiří Pelcl)
What are the most frequently locked wheels? Street lamps, road signs, posts. This is reflected in my shape of the stand. The tube / rod motif is used most often in urbanism and becomes invisible to some extent. I tried to cultivate it and make it more enjoyable for the user. Metal part protects lock, wooden wheel. My goal was a minimalist look and the cheapest production. The stand should blend with the city.


Darek Zahálka
The sandwich construction makes the vandal's appetites unpleasant to destroy. The wooden structure from all sides of the stand will suit the cyclist on the body and frame. Simple installation is an advantage for maintenance.