Info about Accommodation for university students

The dormitory is in a close proximity to the city centre. There are 70 beds in 35 double-bed rooms of apartment type. The dormitory accommodates students from October till June. We accept students from other universities.
In summer (from July to September) it is used as a tourist hostel (see

Each apartment has its own kitchen, bathroom and restroom. There are 3 types of apartments – one room (AP2), double-room (AP4) and three-room ones (AP6).

Prices are set based on the apartment type. It is possible to rent out one full room to one person.

Price includes - one bed in furnished room and related services – energies, heat, bedding, cleaning of communal areas and internet.

The price depends on the number of months paid for in advance.


In case the accomodated ends their stay before the time, they will be given back an amount counted based on the one month payment.
Payment is made for the full calendar month with the exception when starting the accommodation and/or termination of the study visit.

All rooms are equiped with two beds.
Price per bed – 2 people in a 2 bed room.
Price per room – 1 person in a 2 bed room.

In every room there are two beds, two bedside tables, two desks and two desk lamps. There is also a fridge. All accommodated students get a blanket, a pillow, bed linen and sheets and an additional blanket.
Kitchens are equipped with 2-plate cookers and electric kettles. After paying a deposit it is possible to rent kitchen utensils.
There is also a laundry and a drying room in the dorm. And it is possible for the students to get connected to the net there.

The accommodator provides not only maintainance and cleaning of all common places and restrooms and bathrooms in apartments (not room-cleaning) but also doing bed linen washing, receiving delivered mail and insuring the building against undesirable person entry


The accomodated pays 1000 CZK deposit on arrival which will be returned if he fundamentally violate the accommodation contract and he hands over their room in same condition when departing.

Application forms for Accommodation, please send to e-mail Each applicant will receive an e-mail informing him/her if his/her application form was accepted or not and if there are still any vacancies at the dormitory.


Mirka Jelínková
Head of AAAD Dormitory

phone +420 220 570 697

Dormitory Mikolase Alse
Na Vysinach 2
170 00 Praha 7
Czech Republic