Rodrigo Rosa at Lisbon Art Weekend
Created: 9. 11. 2020 from Intermedia Art

Rodrigo Rosa at Lisbon Art Weekend

13th - 15th of November

 LISBON ART WEEKEND, AZAN Space (Tomaz Hipólito Studio), Lisbon, Portugal

 Rodrigo Rosa, student of the programme in English Visual Arts in the Studio of Intermedia Art, is presenting his work „I WILL TAKE THE RISK“ at the Lisbon Art Weekend.

When we accept the risk, we want the challenge. The risk is the result of the confrontation between the possibility of danger and novelty. Its to accept both the failure and the success. To let go of comfort. The risk opens the door to experience and mistakes, to new dialogues and to the artistic production, ‘I WILL TAKE THE RISK’ aims to move forward without assurances, without certainty, without safety.

In the following group show, the risk is intended as a premeditated action. Its an implication of change – to take a risk. The risk is the catalyst, and the one to blame, for this change. Its an open door for what’s to come. The risk is a taking a challenge as if grabbing a bull by the horns, its the surfacing moment for new experiences. The result can be disastrous, nonexistent, compensating or epic.

The ‘atelier’ is the space that invites the artist to confront himself constantly and deliberately with the risk.

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