Illustration and Graphics


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ARTSEMESTR Summer 2019

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Illustration and Graphics

"The game element in art should not be seen just negatively, as a freedom of purposeful relationships, but as a free impulse." Hans Georg Gadamer

To see and record. In today's overtechnical society flooded with information, drawing with its flexibility, simplicity and spontaneity is coming back. Play and clarity. Attaching ourselves to the means of visual expression, we can use any techniques (both traditional and new), crossbreed them and express ourselves efficiently or wildly. The studio is best characterized by the tasks assigned to its students and the structure of studies, meaning not only class work but the entire studio life with meetings, discussions, trips, discovering of wider contexts. The studio hosts theoreticians as well as visual artists, publishers and other specialists in the fields pertinent to students' work.
The studio of illustration is an open space for students who are enthusiastic about drawing and wish to propagate their pictures through galleries, books, streets and electronic media.  


Drawing, graphics, illustration, author book, cartoon 

1)    Studies / student assignments (lectures, discussions, work in studios, personal consultations)
2)    Collective work (exhibitions, magazines, cartoon anthologies), production of the designed works in workshops and testing their viability outside the
3)    Minor tasks  (workshops of graphic techniques, photoshop, in-design, illustrator)


A graphic artist can transform the reality in the simple form of a picture, which is now easily transferable and internationally understandable. He is independent of big clients or sponsors, longish theoretical explanations and expensive technical background.
Therefore the studio of illustration and graphics should serve as an open laboratory for students enthusiastic about drawing, wishing to express their visions in galleries and through printed and electronic media.

Head of the Studio (sabbatical)

doc. Mgr.A. Juraj Horváth
(*1974, Bratislava)
2000-2004 VŠUP, studio of illustration and graphic (Jiří Šalamoun)
He explores drawing, graphics, book design, illustration, publishing of children books and magazines (Baobab), he is the initiator of the POPROSVĚT street project. He works for Argo, GplusG, Labyrint, Triáda and other publishing houses. He has published his works in magazines Souvislosti, Dotyk, Revolver Revue and Park. He is graphic designer for the international festival of documentaries in Jihlava. His book Příběhy z parní lázně won the "World's Most Beautiful Book" award in the Leipzig Book Fair in 2001. In 2000 and 2001, he won the "Most Beautiful Czech Book" award (2000 - fiction, 2001 - books for children)


Substitute of the Head of the Studio

doc. Mgr.A. Michaela Kukovičová
1987-1995 Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague, Studio of cartoon and TV graphic design, professor Jiří Barta
1992-1993 La Cambre, Experimental Film Studio, Brussels, Belgium
1997-1998 studies of French language, French Institute, Prague
She explores book (Baobab) and magazine (ABC) illustration, animation and direction of videos and short films, illustration for websites.
Since 2006, she has been organizing artistic workshops for children (Bechyně, Praha, Bratislava, Brno, Bucharest, Warsaw.)
She won several awards in the Most Beautiful Czech Books competition.