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ARTSEMESTR Winter 2019

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ARTSEMESTR Summer 2018

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Presentation in Berlin 

The Next Big Thing in Type.

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ARTSEMESTR Winter 2018

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Three UMPRUM students selected for the Graduation Projects

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Petra Dočekalova’s Thesis Reaps International Success

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Bestsellers at Atypi 2015 

Bestsellers at Atypi 2015

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České kolo

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The Life of the Studios

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The Studio of Typography has belonged to the traditional schools at the Department of Graphic Arts from its very origins up until the current times, had it been called The Studio of Book Culture or The Book and Lettering. In the period after WWII the Studio was headed by František Muzika, Milan Hegar, Jan Solpera and František Štorm. Karel Haloun, Tomáš Brousil and Radek Sidun are its current instructors. Proportianally, merely a small group of students focuses on the creation of lettering per se, the field of study being the whole spectrum of graphic design. We put major emphasis on the amalgamation of new and classical media and the use of our school's graphic workshops, which belong to the cornerstones necessary to comprehend our profession.

Head of the Studio

doc. ak. mal. Karel Haloun
Having attended a secondary school of plastic arts (1967-1971) and the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (Studio of Illustration and Poster Design, 1972-1978), he concentrates on graphic design, creates DVD covers, posters, illustrations and free graphic work. In the 1980s he belonged to the art council of The Junior Club Na Chmelnici. Approximately from the year 1996 he has been working in an artist duo with Luděk Kubík. From 2004 to 2008 he was an external, ancillary member of the studio Side2, and since 2008 he has collaborated with the graphic studio 3. Dílna. His creations have been exhibited at solo as well as joint exhibitions both domestically and abroad. Over the years, his work has brought him a number of rewards (for example, The Most Beautiful Books, The Most Beautiful Poster, The Critics' Award at BB, Czech Grand Design). He has been a member of the Typo Design Club (since 1997). His reflections, essays and critical texts are published predominantly in Revolver Revue and SAD. A non-playing member of the groups Jasná páka and Hudba Praha, with which he was inducted into the Beat Hall of Fame in 2006. A co-founder of the secret music society Pornografičanka.

e-mail: khaloun@seznam.cz


MgA. Tomáš Brousil
​Since 1998 he has devoted himself to graphic design especially in the sphere of culture. In 2003 he founded an independent type foundry, Suitcase Type Foundry, which now offers over 200 fonts. He has participated in international exhibitions and projects related to typeface. In 1998 his font Gloriola earned him The Certificate of Excellence in Type Design from The Type Directors Club in New York and the 1st prize in the font category at the Bi-Annual of Graphic Design in Brno.

e-mail: tomas@brousil.name

MgA. Radek Sidun
Devotes himself primarily to fonts and typography. His graduation thesis at the Prague Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design (Graphic Design and Visual Communication, MgA. 2010) dealt with the issue of diacritics in world languages. He cooperates with various type designers and type foundries such as Veronika Burian (TypeTogether), Tomáš Brousil (Suitcase Type Foundry) Radim Peško, Lineto, and others. He worked at Cornel Windlin's Zürich studio for two years.
Together with Tomáš Brousil he founded Briefcase Type Foundry which distributes fonts by Czech authors. He is also a designer and a member of the Komfort magazine editorial team.
He has received several awards for his various projects, such as a Gold Medal at the European Design Awards 2013 and lately the Certificate of Typographic Excellence 2014 by Type Directors Club for BC News which he co-designed and co-edited.

e-mail: radek@typo.cz