ARTSEMESTR Summer 2019
Created: 9. 10. 2019 from Type Design and Typography

ARTSEMESTR Summer 2019

6th June to 9th June 2019

ARTSEMESTR is a presentation of semester and finals projects from the students of the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design (UMPRUM) in Prague. This time ARTSEMESTR will be on display from Thursday, June 6th to Sunday, June 9th through the entire building of UMPRUM.

ARTSEMESTR is not only an exhibition but also proof and an evaluation of continuous work within a given semester. Both long-term topics and short-term assignments are presented.



ARTSEMESTR is a regular event that showcases the semester and final exam work of UMPRUM students. All students present the results of their studies at the end of each semester. ARTSEMESTR was first established in 2004 by the then rector Prof. Jiří Pelcl. The students exhibit their work in the places they were originally created – in the school’s studios, classrooms and hallways.

Four Visiting Teachers, Topics: 1) Metro (Rostislav Vaněk); 2) Book (Zuzana Lednická); 3) What you lack in the studio (Bosák + Jansa); 4) Letterpress Workshop (Rick Griffith) // final: What have you learned in this semester?