Forgotten password

Change of password by user

  • This method use in case that you now your current password.
  • Log in at
  • After log in choose Change password.
  • Choose your new password to meet quality criteria.
  • After you succesfully change your password, you will be logged out and redirected to UMPRUM website. You will also recive e-mail with confirmation of succesfull change.

Change of password by Administrator

  • This method use in case that you forgot yout current password.
  • IT manager is able to reset your password.
  • IT manager is obliged to check identity of person who is requesting change of password (applicant). The applicant is required to show an identity document. IT manager is required to check:
    • validity of ID card,
    • match of photography,
    • match of name on ID card with data in IS,
    • match of personal number or card number.
  • IT manager is required to give new password only to applicant which his or her identity match the user which password is resetting.
Issue of a new password by telephone, SMS, e-mail or by power of attorney
  • Issue of password is subject to a physical verification of the person for which the password is issued.
  • Send of new password by SMS, tell over phone, send by email or give password by power of attorney is NOT possible.

    Because of that please don't ask IT managers to do that. Thank you.