Photography II

Exhibition in Germany 

F2 Prag / Student exhibition of the Studio of Photography II in Munich

Event: 29. 7. 2021 - 3. 9. 2021
Exhibition in Berlin 

F2 Prag

Event: 21. 9. 2020 - 26. 9. 2020

ARTSEMESTR Winter 2019

Created: 20. 2. 2020
ARTSEMESTR Summer 2019 

ARTSEMESTR Summer 2019

Created: 9. 10. 2019

ARTSEMESTR Winter 2019

Created: 13. 2. 2019

Studio of Photography II

The Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague during the 2018/2019 winter semester newly opened its second photo studio. The Studio of Photography II, which falls under the Graphic Department, is a space for a new generation of talent with a desire for innovation within the visual world. It is a space for interdisciplinary and intergenerational discussion. A platform for examining the process of communication through imagery within the art, design and fashion world.



Head of the studio:

MgA. Štěpánka Stein -