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The Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague today has a specific status in the educational system of the Czech Republic, as it did at the time of its establishment in 1885. The foundation of the learning process was, and remains, work in creative studios led by experienced artists capable of instilling in the practice of their students the basic principles of creativity  in combination with theoretical learning.

The present-day concept of education at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design rests, as it did in the past, on three main pillars: artistic theory and philosophy, technical disciplines and creative studio work. At the same time, AAAD attempts to be a modern, prestigious art school sought out not only by Czech, but also foreign students with an open approach to topical questions formulated in the international art environment. The goal is to offer comprehensive art education in the areas of architecture, design, visual communication, fine and applied arts, overseen by important figures in the art scene.

In 2004, the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design reacted  to the absence of art theory, criticism and curatorial studies  in the study programs of Czech colleges by accreditation of a theoretical study program. The main principle of this field of study is to bring critical and theoretic reaction closer to contemporary artistic practice.  In contrast to the approach of university art history faculties, the AAAD program also places greater emphasis on the development of new theoretical and methodological approaches, as well as their interdisciplinary dimension, which the subject of modern and contemporary art clearly demands.