Student Mobility

Erasmus +

EU programme Erasmus+  for the years 2014-2020 will continue to support student and staff mobility throughout Europe and promote multilateral cooperation between higher education institutions in Europe and between higher education institutions and enterprises.

Within the framework of this programme students from Partner Schools  may study at UMPRUM.  Erasmus partner schools are schools with which UMPRUM has concluded a institutional exchange agreement.



One-to-one exchanges

One-to-one exchanges are based on the cooperation of UMPRUM with universities worldwide (see respective section Partner Schools). No tuition fee is required, however students have to cover their subsistence and other expenses. UMPRUM is a public institution of higher education and no tuition fees are paid for degree programmes. It is supposed that if the foreign hosting institution requires tuition fees, these are continued to be paid by its outgoing student. The exchange students keep the status of a regular student at their home schools.


Paid Studies

Students, graduates and other interested persons with art skills and previous experience in art may study a semester or two in one of 24 UMPRUM studios on the basis of non-degree paid studies. The tuition fee is 95.000 CZK per semester. Fee-paying students may  benefit from all advantages as local and other international students and join the supplementary optional courses in English. Finally they receive a confirmation on completion of studies.

UMPRUM offers accommodation at the school dormitory.



Governmental Scholarships

International students from some countries may apply for governmental scholarship to study at UMPRUM. Governmental scholarships are granted on the basis of inter-governmental agreements. The Czech government offers about 200 scholarships annually for master and doctorate studies. Up-to-date information is available in Embassies of the Czech Republic in participating countries. The preliminary consent of UMPRUM for the acceptance of a particular student is a necessary precondition for receiving a scholarship. Foreign parties carry out the final selection of students.

Detailed information is available at the Centre for International Services of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic,

Contact: Na Poříčí 4, Prague 1, Czech Republic,;