Visual Arts Program - MA Program in English

Application Deadline for the October 2022 intake - 31st May 2022

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You can´t speak Czech, but you have a BFA in Arts and you would love to study fine arts, design, applied arts, graphics or architecture at UMPRUM in Prague? You can apply for the MA degree course called Visual Arts!



Visual Arts is a two-year MA program in English (a three-year course across all Architecture studios) that combines practical studio-based seminars (see the list of studios below) and workshops with theoretical lectures on art theory and history. It is designed for BA/BFA or MA/MFA degree holders from universities and colleges abroad, and aims at providing foreign students with sound education in the chosen discipline/studio in order to prepare them for individual or team specialist profession all over the world.

It is open in 24 UMPRUM studios (below). Successful Visual Arts students who - after two years of their studies in a particular studio, and three years in architecture studios - pass the final theoretical state exams and defend their diploma thesis and diploma project, gain an internationally acknowledged academic degree MgA. (equivallent to MA, MFA, MLitt).

VA candidates can study in one of the following studios:

  1. Architecture I 
  2. Architecture II 
  3. Architecture III 
  4. Architecture IV
  5. Ceramics and Porcelain
  6. Concept - Object - Meaning (K.O.V - former Metal and Jewellery)
  7. Fashion and Footwear Design
  8. Fashion Design
  9. Film and Tv Graphics
  10. Glass
  11. Graphic Design and Visual Communication
  12. Graphic Design and New Media
  13. Illustration and Graphics
  14. Interior and Furniture Design
  15. Industrial Design
  16. Intermedia Art
  17. Painting
  18. Photography
  19. Photography II
  20. Product Design
  21. Sculpture
  22. Textile Design
  23. Type Design and Typography
  24. The Guest Artist Programme (it is not possible to apply for this studio, you can only do your one-semester (or two-semester) exchange in this studio)




A great chance to apply for a scholarship awarded by The application deadline is 13th April 2020.

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Founded in 1885, the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (UMPRUM / AAAD) has evolved from being the first of its kind in the Czech lands to a modern, dynamic, and outward-looking institution, which now has over twenty studios in which to study. Ranging from Typography to Intermedia Art to Fashion Design to Glass, the UMPRUM studios are led by eminent authorities in their respective fields whose passion for teaching matches their dedication to their respective fields. Competition for acceptance into the school is fierce, with the result that the students who are lucky enough to make it up to its student body are highly-skilled and highly-motivated individuals, who proudly continue the storied legacy of the institution. 


Diploma Projects 2020: Interviews with international UMPRUM students who gained their MA / MFA in October 2020

Application Deadline each year: 31st May

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Professor Miroslav Vlček Scholarship - Study in Prague project

In honour of excellent performance and dedication to promoting the reputation of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (UMPRUM) and Study in Prague Project (SIP), the UMPRUM rector Jindřich Smetana was pleased to present one master´s degree student with Professor Miroslav Vlček´s Scholarship for the year 2020 in the amount of 30000 CZK. 

The scholarship is awarded to honour the memory of Professor Miroslav Vlček (1951 – 2019) – a former vice-rector of  the Czech Technical University (CTU) in Prague and the head of CTU Applied Mathematics Department – who was the spiritual father and founder of the Study in Prague Project that associates seven Prague universities and promotes Prague as the best place to be a university student.