VA Classes and Workshops

VA Curricula

Each semester, Visual Arts students have to attend consultations in the studio they were accepted to, VA meetings with the VA tutor, three obligatory lectures on theory and history of art and design, and one elective class


1. Consultations in your studio

Work and presence in the studio you were accepted to (e.g. Sculpture, Painting, Illustration and Graphics, etc.) is the most important part of your VA curricula. Your studio is the place where you should spend most of your time, discuss with your fellow Czech or international students, consult your work in progress with the head of the studio and the assistant during regular consultations, work on semestral assignments, install your final project in both winter and summer semesters (January, June) and present it in front of a summoned jury.

Last but not least, it is in your studio where you are supposed to consult, set up, exhibit and defend your diploma project there in the fourth semester of two-year VA studies. You should be allocated your own space there (if needed), no matter how complicated it can seem to be.   



 2. VA meetings 

The Visual Arts meetings stand for a common communication space, which opens up new possibilities and approaches to students from various UMPRUM studios and departments. Since September 2016, each year the VA meetings have been tutored by a different VA tutor - in academic year 2016/2017 we had the pleasure to have Václav Janoščík as the VA tutor, in academic year 2017/2018 we were happy to invite Jimena Mendoza, the tutor for the academic year 2018/2019 was Milan Mikuláštík, and this academic year 2019/2020  the VA program is tutored by Conrad Eric Armstrong.  



3. Lectures and Seminars on Theory and History of Art and Elective Workshops

Visual Arts students can choose from a number of obligatory and elective classes and workshops. During the two-year program, they have to gain credits for at least 8 obligatory classes on theory and history of art and design and around 3 elective workshops; some of the classes are mandatory only for students from specific departments, i.e. Chapters from the History of Grapgic Design for students from the Department of Graphics, History of Design of 20th Century for students from Applied Arts and Design Department, etc. Attending these mandatory courses also helps them prepare for the Final State Exams which the post-graduate students take in the fourth (sixth in case of architecture) semester of their studies.

For more detailed info see also the VA brochure and VA flier below.

VA_ Students Handbook_Academic Year 2020/2021

VA tutors in the VA History

Conrad Eric Armstrong, VA tutor in academic year 2019/2020 and 2020/2021

Milan Mikuláštík, VA tutor in academic year 2018/2019

Jimena Mendoza, VA tutor in academic year 2017/2018

Václav Janoščík, VA tutor in academic year 2016/2017

Milena Dopitová, VA tutor from 2008 - 2016

Alan Záruba, VA tutor from 2007 - 2008

From the History of VA Team Project Class


The Team Project led by Milena Dopitová and her assistants (Conrad Armstrong, Rudolf Matějček, and Hana Smělá) used to be a common communication space which opened up new possibilities and approaches not limited to the visual world. Taking into the account the differences among individual studios within the VA course, VA students worked on a common project for which they chose their own media in such a way as to combine their experience they had gathered so far with “risk and the otherness.” The ability to use different media of artistic expression was considered beneficial for student’s future career.

Here are two examples of the audio/visual installations made by VA students in the Team Workshop Class.