The UMPRUM Visiting Artist in the fall semester 2019/2020 is Justin Fitzpatrick
Created: 20. 6. 2019 from Visiting Artist Studio

The UMPRUM Visiting Artist in the fall semester 2019/2020 is Justin Fitzpatrick

The UMPRUM Visiting Artist in the fall semester 2019/2020 is Justin Fitzpatrick. He is the fourth UMPRUM Visiting Artist, following Nina Beier (spring semester 2018/2019 focusing on cultural meanings of material and objects), David Maljković (fall semester 2018/2019, focusing on the crossovers of installation) and Marie de Brugerolle (spring semester 2017/2018, focusing on performance).


The Profile of Justin Fitzpatrick

 Justin Fitzpatrick (1985, IRL) is a painter and a sculptor. He has had solo exhibitions in Kevin Space in Vienna, Barbican Arts Trust in London and was selected for the Bloomberg New Contemporaries program. 

Fitzpatrick’s paintings allude to middle-age iconography, formally resembling symbolism and Art Nouveau. Fitzpatrick’s combines metaphor and metamorphosis and applies the concept of painting as a surface to be scanned, letting the mind semantically leap through and perceive its elements in juxtapositions and contrasts. Topography, text and ornamental elements emphasize readability vs. emotionality and the idea of a text physically addressing corporality. Throughout the background of Fitzpatrick’s work there is always an interest in the history of queer identity.

Studying with Justin Fitzpatrick can be recommended to students interested in painting with crossovers to sculpture or in relation to text, as well as students dealing with queer heritage in their work. It can be particularly inspiring for students with background in design.


The structure of the program in the fall semester 2019

The Visiting Artist will give a theoretical and practical course focusing on painting and its crossovers to other media.
The schedule will be structured in several few-days blocks with the presence of both the Visiting Artist and the Czech pedagogue Sláva Sobotovičová and in regular working sessions once a week with the Czech pedagogue only.



The program is part of the Fine Arts Department of UMPRUM and is primarily reserved to its students but offers limited numbers of places to the students of other departments of UMPRUM. Students of the bachelor, master and PhD programs can apply.

All students apart from the students of the first year of Bachelor Program and the students currently graduating from Bachelor and Master Program are encouraged to enroll. The Visiting Artist Program is open to students of Fine Arts Department and all other UMPRUM departments in limited numbers.

To apply, students must have completed their previous semester and enrolled in the next semester duly. The deadline for applications is at the end of September 2019. For applications please contact the UMPRUM Study department.

For more information please contact the Program’s Czech pedagogue Sláva Sobotovičová,, 737 620 381