The Program of the UMPRUM Visiting Artist Studio in the 2021/2022 summer semester
Created: 24. 1. 2022 from Visiting Artist Studio

UMPRUM is proud to announce that the visiting artist for the 2021/2022 spring semester is Viktor Timofeev.


Viktor Timofeev (Latvia, USA) is an artist currently based in New York.
Working across drawing, painting, video, and experimental games, Timofeev frequently combines these media within theatrical environments to touch upon themes of auto-fiction and world-building.

He has exhibited at National Gallery Prague, Prague (2021); Interstate Projects, New York (2021); The 14th Baltic Triennial, Vilnius (2021); Muzeum Sztuki, Lodz (2020); Ludwig Museum, Budapest (2020); The Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga (2019); Bozar, Brussels (2019); His work has been covered by The Brooklyn Rail, Artforum, The Wire, Flash Art, and Art Monthly.  He is a co-founder of the New York event space No Moon, and regularly hosts Sibling Gardens, a radio show hosted by Montez Press Radio.


Program description


Program title: Process Soup

During this course students will engage in individual and group activities that challenge the creative process, with the intention of diversifying their individual artistic practices. As a class we will consider what it means to foster sustainable artistic development, and cover a range of brainstorming techniques, experiment with surrendering control, and build the confidence necessary to take risks. Activities will include: participating in communal sensory deprivation listening sessions as well as organizing your own, initiating collaborations with unlikely parties, and hearing from guest artists that have followed meandering, unexpected paths.


The structure of the program

The visiting artist will give a theoretical and practical course.

The program is structured in two intense in-person sessions in March and April/May, and several online meetings with Viktor Timofeev and other guests. Regular meetings of the group will be held weekly throughout the term.



The program is part of the Fine Arts Department of UMPRUM and is primarily reserved to its students but offers limited numbers of places to the students of other departments of UMPRUM. Students of the bachelor, master and PhD programs can apply.

All students apart from the students of the first year of Bachelor Program and the students currently graduating from Bachelor and Master Program are encouraged to enroll. The Visiting Artist Program is open to students of Fine Arts Department and all other UMPRUM departments in limited numbers.

To apply, students must have completed their previous semester and enrolled in the next semester. For applications please contact the UMPRUM Study department.

For more information please contact the program’s Czech pedagogue Sláva Sobotovičová,, 737 620 381


In the past UMPRUM has hosted courses of the following visiting artists:

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spring 2020/2021 Maja Smrekar: Dialogues with Different Kinds of Interlocutors

fall 2020/2021 Sam Lewitt: Scales

spring 2019/2020 Tyler Coburn: Counterfactuals

fall 2019/2020 Justin Fitzpatrick: Critical Aspects of Painting

spring 2018/2019 Nina Beier: Cultural Meanings of Material and Objects

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spring 2017/2018 Marie de Brugerolle: The Legacy of Performance