10th annual UMPRUMSHOP
Created: 12. 12. 2018 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

The 10th annual jubilee themed Recycle Cycle


14th of December – 16th of December, 2018

Grand opening: Thursday 13th of December at 6 pm


Opening Hours: Friday-Sunday 10 am to 8 pm

Galerie UM, UMPRUM, nám. Jana Palacha 80, Praha 1


Free Entry


A display of original gifts to put under your tree by young designers. This is UMPRUMSHOP. The year's favorite and all-awaited event celebrates its 10th anniversary.

The history of UMPRUMSHOP started in 2009 when it was named VŠUP SHOP (both names are based on the abbreviation of the school). This pre-Christmas market was created with the initiative of the students of the Studio of Fashion Design, which was led by prof. Josef Ťapťuch. Their focus was mainly on fashion, jewelry, and small accessories.

The students smoothly established this tradition with the current head of the studio Pavel Ivančic. With the rising interest of the public, the offer expanded to book publications, paper products, glass, porcelain, small accessories for the interior, and even student made cosmetics. Definite progress also has to be observed in the selection of the place where the UMPRUMSHOP has been ongoing, from the Studio of Fashion Design, changed to the Studio of Industrial Design, then the Bookbinding Workshop, to finally the UM Gallery.

Apart from the fact that there are a number of works from young students and talented studios, the UMPRUMSHOP also performs another function. Through this process students often for the first time find out how it works in practice, what preparing for such an event brings with it, and how complicated it can be to sell one's work.

The 10th jubilee year carries with it the spirit of "Recycle Cycle", and looks back on past years and works with issues of sustainability not only in its installation but also in the curatorial selection of the offered goods. Many products are made from recycled materials or from materials that at the first glance may seem like unusable scraps. Great inspiration comes from UMPRUMSHOP's first year, when everything was created literally on the knees, at that time there was no certainty of success.

This year, the works of 65 creators, students and graduates from UMPRUM have met, and on offer will be new works and the products of established crowd favorites. We can name graduate jewelers Nastassia Aleinikava and Kristýna Malovaná, or the sandals made of felt by Marie Nina Václavková. For example, students such as Markéta Kaplanová will present socks produced with the organization Elpida, Renata Dračková with her knitted sweaters, Cyril Dunděra and Bonifác Beneš, who create bowls and kitchen cutting boards from scraps of wood. Not to be missed are Ondřej Stára's jewelry, Christmas wrapping paper with graphics designed by Matyáš Bartoň, an illustrated Constitution of the Czech Republic by Nikola Klímová, Nataliya Grimberg's art socks, Huy Pham's Sokui mirrors, and many other products.


Educational Leadership: Pavel Ivančic and Alice Klouzková
Social networks:
Renata Dračková and Natalia Grimberg
Radio spot:
Vendula Niklová and Anežka Horová
Markéta Kaplanová, Sára Sedláková, Linda Vondráčková, Martin Franček, Linda Havrlíková, Anna Tran, and Renata Dračková
Graphic Design:
Jakub Hojgr and Cindy Kutíková