Agáta Zapotilová: The Act of Formation
Created: 13. 4. 2018 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

Agáta Zapotilová: The Act of Formation

19. 4. - 13. 5.

opening on Wednesday, 18 April at 18:00


Galerie NIKA, Metro B Karlovo náměstí hall (direction Palackého náměstí)


Architecture, similarly to clothing, is a material constant of our physical existence, and as such, it helps us to spatially define our reality, offers limits to our movements, and at the same time, it creates new worlds for us. It offers us a shelter, and in this way constitutes several little worlds situated in our world. It is able to create a welcoming environment in an unfriendly milieu. It defines the direction and the way in which we move throughout the space. It facilitates this movement, but oftentimes it also makes it more difficult.

The situation is similar when it comes to clothing. It shares its primary function – to offer a protection for our body – with architecture. It simply represents architecture for our bodies. The fashion designer’s task is to create clothing that would provide a comfortable existence within the scope of the outer world – by both its aesthetic and functional quality.

The Act of Formation exhibition is a fragment of the eponymous MA thesis of Agata Zapotilova, an alumna of the Fashion and Footwear Design Studio. Through the medium of clothing, she puts emphasis on its relationship to architecture and at the same time pays a tribute to her inspiration, the work of prof. Ing. Arch. Eva Jiricna, CBE.

In the 1970s Britain, where Eva Jiricna then operated, there came into existence the architectonic style of hi-tech, which, in the spirit of the techno-optimism, makes the maximal use of the technological advances and at the same time underlines the aesthetic qualities of the buildings’ structure. In this context, the work of Eva Jiricna is distinguished by its unique ability to lend a certain tenderness and delicacy to buildings that emphasize the strength of the construction.

In her collection, Agata Zapotilova concerns herself with the structural tendencies of the architect Eva Jiricna’s work, which she further applies to the design of her clothing. Instead of the typical clothing fabrics, the author makes use of materials typical for architecture: hybrid polyester fibre with a low melting point, polished stainless steel, or plasticized PVC foils.

The resulting clothing, thanks to the emphasis on the surface and its ability to keep its shape even when the body is moving, is walking a tightrope between being a functional garment, and an artistic object. Due to the meticulous selection of materials and colors, the substance seems to be floating around the body and enclosing it. The author “constructed” the clothing “around the human body as a key support of the clothing’s construction,” as she herself puts it.


Curator: Lenore Jurkyová