Kryštof Strejc part of Angstlust exhibition
Created: 21. 6. 2018 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

ANGSTLUST. Can you resist the evil of the thriller?

21. 6. –1. 7. 2018

Schimmel Projects - Art Centre
Großenhainer Str. 61–63, Dresden



Kryštof Strejc a student of the Studio of Painting and two graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden - HFBK Dresden will present their work at the ANGSTLUST. Can you resist the evil of the thriller? group exhibition in Dresden.

ANGSTLUST is a German term which is used to describe the tingle of fear. Instead of exhibitions, most people usually tend to link the expression with either horror movies or fairs. In ghost trains, grotesque scenery, sounds and lights arouse curiosity among the visitors. For the exhibition, Raiko Sánchez and Miriam Schröder created a space in which the works are put in scene and presented in a variety of perspectives, in which the observer has the possibility to move around. Video, sculpture as well as painting are being made tangible from an experiencing and an associating point of view.


Exhibiting artists: Kryštof Strejc, Theo Huber, Magdalena Schön
Curators: Raiko Sánchez,  Miriam Schröder


Kryštof Strejc (1994) - student of the Painting Studio of Jiří Černický and Michal Novotný at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. The artist creates large pastel drawings that he combines with objects and sculptures and then integrates everything together. It is important to link materials, forms in images, associations and individual titles. Inspiration for the latest show Xanax, Hype, MOB, Crabs are based on the mystic-magical and wizarding worlds that take place between contemporary fashion brands Thrasher and Supreme, with American rappers Kendrick Lamar ( the Dreamer Hoodie) and Lil Wayne, R&B singer Rihanna who are linked in a sympathetic symbiosis with Shaolin and Shanbally Kwai Chang Caine from Chinatown. The Black Panther, Wakanda King T'Challa, tigers and other characters from the animal kingdom, fitnessfreaks, Usain Bolt and the artist himself help him fight evil forces. They all fight against the dark magic of the shadow killer.