ANIMATION 70 / Seven decades of the animation studio at UMPRUM
Created: 1. 9. 2021 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

Seven decades of the animation studio at UMPRUM


September 3rd to October 10th, 2021
Opening: Thursday, September 2nd, 2021 at 6 p.m.

Gallery UM, nám. Jana Palacha 80, Praha 1
Open: Mon - Sat from 10 am to 6 pm

 The UMPRUM Studio of Film and TV Graphics is celebrating a big anniversary this autumn, 70 years since its founding. On the occasion of the celebration, the studio has prepared an exhibition, projections, workshops, a conference, and also a book not only about the studio's history. The center of events are moving to the UM Gallery, which will be transformed into a cinema hall during the exhibition ANIMATION 70 / Seven Decades of the Animation Studio at the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague (UMPRUM).

 It should be noted from the outset that the local animation studio is the oldest school of its kind in the Czech Republic. The establishment of a specialized film studio began in the summer of 1945, shortly before UMPRUM acquired the status of a university. A prominent founding figure was Adolf Hoffmeister, who in 1951 became the studio's first headteacher. Even in later years, well-known personalities of film and illustration took turns in leading the studio - Miroslav Jágr, Zdeněk, Smetana, Jiří Barta, and Jan Balej. Since the end of 2010, the studio has been run by Jakub Zich, who has now been replaced by Jan Drozda.

 "The continuity of the studio is very remarkable and unusual compared to other domestic art colleges and its success can be traced back to the studio's leadership. There has never been a radical turn in the studio's concept, and the main periods of its history were shaped by people who were usually united by the relationship between teacher and student. Most studio heads and assistants also came directly from the ranks of its graduates. It can be said with a bit of exaggeration that Hoffmeister's founding spirit is still present in the direction of the studio, " say the curators of the exhibition.

 The program and expositions in the UM Gallery, which map the 70-year history of the studio, are based primarily on its performances - short student films and exercises. During the intensive two-year preparations, more than a thousand of them were mapped. Viewers have the opportunity to get acquainted with most of them in 30 thematically focused projection blocks. They can also look forward to the oldest films, mostly from the 60s and 70s, which were digitized by the National Film Archive. More than thirty of them have not been seen for decades. Each day, two half-day blocks on a selected topic will be screened in a loop. Films not only from the beginnings of the studio will be presented, but also sections of narrative films, puppets "Wires, joints, threads", experimental zone "Laboratory", a block dedicated to UMPRUM "From the gatehouse to the attic", films focused on the city "City focus" contemporary joint student projects, and a special "Voracious Spectator Zone". Among important graduates, whose student and diploma theses will be on display, we can name: Petr Sís, Petr Poš, Andreu Tachezy, Václav Mergl, from the younger generation Filip Pošivač, Lucie Stamfestová, Kakalík or members of the Amanita creative team - Jakub Dvorský, Václav Blín, Jaromír Plachý and Radim Jurda. The film program of the exhibition presents authors from the entire seventy-year history of the studio and covers the widest possible range of techniques, styles, and processes.

 The celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the Studio of Film and Television Graphics were conceived magnanimously. Film screenings are not the only events planned for the exhibition. Various workshops are prepared for those interested, especially schoolchildren. At the turn of September and October, the thematic conference Congress of Animation is held. In addition, a book dedicated to the studio will be published in the autumn. "During the preparations, we discovered a lot of interesting materials. It was not only about films, but also about various photographs and other materials from various times. That is why we decided to publish a book that maps the history of the studio, it will stand on interviews with graduates, educators, and teachers and will even present other materials. We are also preparing a special website for the studio with a list of all students, graduates, and teachers, and where digitized works will be gradually posted, ” explains curator Michaela Režová's about the ambitious program.



Production team: Michaela Režová, Marie Barešová, Matěj Forejt
In cooperation with the studio leadership: Jan Drozda, Jakub Zich, Zuzana Bukovinská
Dramaturgy zone: Matěj Forejt, Michaela Režová
Graphic design: Josefina Karlíková
Production: Natalie Krausová, Šárka Váňová, Jiří Žák
Architectural design: Jakub Zich
Animation jingle: Vojtěch Kočí
Sound: Karel Jína
Technical assistance: David Pacult

Film archive processing: Zbyšek Semelka, Thanh Mai Tranová, Veronika Klimszová, Laura Hédervári, Matouš Valchář, and Michaela Režová 

Archive processing: Zbyšek Semelka, Kateryna Ruzhyna, Prohor Maiserov, Anna Roubalová, Anna Crhová, Ondřej Slavík, and Michaela Režová

We thank the partners of the exhibition: The National Film Archive, Capital City of Prague, NFA Ponrepo Cinema, Anifilm, and Ultrafun.



 Program of screenings in the UM Gallery

 Friday, September 3rd
10am - 2pm - Animation / Illustration // 2pm - 6pm - Wires, joints, threads # 1

Saturday, September 4th
10am - 2pm - For children # 1 // 2pm - 6pm - City focus

Monday, September 6th
10am - 2pm - Ů: 50/60 // 2pm - 6pm – Together

Tuesday, September 7th
10am - 2pm - 70 without 80 // 2pm - 6pm – Realizing through film

Wednesday, September 8th
10am - 2pm - Before the end of the millennium // 2pm - 6pm - Without story # 1

Thursday, September 9th
10am - 2pm - Wild Zero // 2pm - 6pm - Animation on the other track

Friday, September 10th
10am - 2pm - Disciples of the wanderer Charlie // 2pm - 6pm - For eyes and ears # 1

Saturday, September 11th
10am - 2pm - For children # 2 // 2pm - 6pm - Inspired by literature

Monday, September 13th
10am - 2pm - Freshly harvested // 2pm - 6pm - Insatiable spectator

Tuesday, September 14th
10am - 2pm - Without story # 2 // 2pm - 6pm – Drawn

Wednesday, September 15th
10am - 2pm - From the gatehouse to the attic // 2pm - 6pm - Horror and fear

Thursday, September 16th
10am - 2pm - For eyes and ears # 2 // 2pm - 6pm - Get up and exercise

Friday, September 17th
10am - 2pm - See digitally // 2pm - 6pm - Animation / Illustration

Saturday, September 18th
10am - 2pm - For children # 3 // Wires, joints, threads - accompanying program / from 4pm

Monday, September 19th
10am - 2pm - On the edge of reality // 2pm - 6pm - Ů: 50/60

Tuesday, September 20th
10am - 2pm - Laboratory // 2pm - 6pm - 70 without 80

Wednesday, September 22nd
10am - 2pm - Wires, joints, threads # 2 // 2pm - 6pm - Before the end of the millennium

Thursday, September 23rd
10am - 2pm - Without story # 1 // 2pm - 6pm - Wild zero

Friday, September 24th
10am - 2pm – City focus // 2pm - 6pm – Disciples of the wanderer Charlie

Saturday, September 25th
10am - 2pm – For children #4  // 2pm - 6pm – From the gatehouse to the attic

Monday, September 27th
10am - 2pm –  Drawn // 2pm - 6pm – Freshly harvested

Tuseday, September 28th
10am - 2pm – Horror and fear // 2pm - 6pm – On the edge of reality

Wednesday, September 29th
10am - 2pm - Get up and exercise! // 2pm - 6pm - For eyes and ears # 2

Thursday, September 30th
10am - 2pm – For eyes and ears #1  // 2pm - 6pm – Without story #2

October 1st – 2nd, 2021– Conference Congress of animation

Monday, October 4th
10am - 2pm - Voracious viewer // 2pm - 6pm - See digitally

Tuesday, October 5th
10am - 2pm - Wires, thread joints # 1 // 2pm - 6pm - Inspired by literature

Wednesday, October 6th
10am - 2pm - Animation on the other track // 2pm - 6pm - Wires, joints, threads # 2

Thursday, October 7th
10am - 2pm – Realizing through film // 2pm - 6pm – Laboratory

Friday, October 8th
10am - 2pm - Together // For eyes and ears - accompanying program / from 4pm

Saturday, October 9th - DESIGN BLOCK
10am - 2pm - blocks run one by one without repetition, we start with those for children + through animation workshop 2pm - 6pm - Ceremonial introduction and presentation of newly digitized images with curators

Sunday, October 10th  - DESIGN BLOCK
10am - 2pm - blocks run one by one without repetition, we start with those for children + through workshop animation 2pm - 6pm - blocks run one by one without repetition - closing ceremony of the exhibition


Accompanying events of the Ponrepo cinema:

6. 9. 2021 - Parallel animation - projection from film material / 6pm

12. 9. 2021 - UMPRUM for children - projection + animation workshop / 3pm

30. 9. 2021 - Parallel animation - projection from film material / 6pm


Accompanying events of the UM Gallery:

18. 9. 2021 - Wires, joints, threads - accompanying program / from 4pm

8. 10. 2021 - For eyes and ears - accompanying program / from 4pm

9. 10. - 10. 10. 2021 - Designblok - accompanying