Created: 9. 6. 2013 from Department of Applied Arts

Lead by fashion designer Liběna Rochová, eleven students from the Studio of Fashion and Footwear Design at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague show their mid-term projects relating to lore, folk literature and tradition.

The aim of the Bohemia project is to unite traditional crafts with its application in contemporary fashion design. This project, blending tradition with the contemporary Czech art scene, will be exhibited at the Gallery of the Czech Center New York at the Bohemian National Hall during Design Week NYC 2013.

Studio of Fashion and Footwear Design
The main idea behind the new concept of the studio is a focus on a creative conception of the clothing form. This term also includes footwear and fashion accessories.

This main route – concentration on the development of creative thinking – should have the final form of a unique creation that goes beyond previous types of clothing, footwear and accessories towards a free artistic form.
Free thinking and exploration are directed towards the discovery of one’s own sources with an emphasis on the personality of the student. This idea of support for the personality and the creative development of the student is one of the principal ideas of the studio.
Alongside this creative searching, overlapping into ‘fashion art' and ‘fashion at the edge’, the student is led towards the know-how necessary to transfer this free creativity into a commercially defined fashion form, with preparation for the 'real world' of the Czech and foreign fashion industry.
The student is given leadership in creating a brand and running a firm.
Fundamental is the path to excellent craftsmanship, in the field of dressmaking and tailoring as well as haute-couture, i.e. demanding craft workmanship. It is necessary to acquire skills with contemporary advanced technologies in the areas of materials and processes.