Created: 1. 1. 2012 from Department of Applied Arts

Textile Design Studio will present itself at the Heimtextil trade fair in Frankfurt

Heimtextil is the biggest international trade fair for home and contract textiles. AAAD’s Textile Design Studio, led by Jitka Škopová, will present itself at this fair trade this year.

 The exhibition, in cooperation with the CAMPUS@HEIMTEXTIL project, will present an overview of work produced by the students of the Textile Design Studio: creative tasks with an absolute freedom in approach, results of cooperation with partners in the industry, studies in application of both modern technologies and materials such as nanotechnologies and nanofibers.

The project, titled VIZE 2013 (VISION 2013), could be considered as a platform for debate that will reveal, through the perspective of young artists, which upcoming trends and approaches will be dominant.

In recent years, the Textile Studio has registered a success in the area of cooperation with the industry. The studio leader, Jitka Škopová, describes a specific form of cooperation with a well-known automobile producer: “Part of our work consists of designing seating upholstery. The students have selected one type of vehicle from Škoda Auto and created a collection of woven designs for it.


The conception of the Studio is based on complex education of textile designers and the cultivation of their abilities to combine numerous professions and to penetrate into new fields, which are necessary for their work. Pragmatic briefs alternate with tasks with a creative character with an absolute freedom in approach. Objectivity and coherency are the primary conditions for a successful production of one’s own creative work.

The participation of the studio at the trade fair is tied to a two round student competition. Every young designer will create a chair for a public space with a condition to utilise textile upholstery, provided by Heimtextil. Thanks to this, the students will have the opportunity to design with materials from the contemporary collections of such significant companies as NyaNordiska, Conjugi Eger, Vescom, Christian Fischbacher, Jim Thompson or Kampay. This exceptional opportunity gives the students the chance to undertake the entire design process; from initial design to final production.


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