ARSEMESTER at Brussels Design September
Created: 28. 8. 2019 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze


Selection of the best student projects of UMPRUM's ARTSEMESTR at Design September in Brussels.

September 5th – 30th, 2019

Prague House, Avenue Palmerston 16, Brussels, Belgium


Since this year’s young designers have a lot to show, UMPRUM decided to present several projects at Brussels Design September.

The designers characteristically named the exhibition ARTSEMESTER, referring to the biannually occurring schoolwide exhibition of final and semester works in which all students present the results of their half-year projects. The Brussels ARTSEMESTER will not show everyone's work but will offer a selection of the most remarkable.

 “We are presenting our studio for the eighth time at Brussels Design September. It is both an honor and a great responsibility for us not to disappoint and maintain the current standard,” says Michal Froněk, one of the leading professors of the Product Design Studio. “This year, however, was met immediately with many quality projects, which made it very difficult to decide. In the end, we decided on Studiolo Robotico. R.U.R., a bachelor project on the theme of leather and its application in the interior and also its use in the two most successful diploma projects", adds Jan Němeček another leading professor.

 The viewers will, therefore, be able to see a modified version of the very successful performative project Studiolo Robotico R.U.R., which received considerable attention and interest at Milan Design Week. It was created by students from various disciplines and studios of the school. They responded to Karel Capek's play R. U. R. - Rossum's Universal Robots and his legacy. In both a serious and humorous way, they convey the topic within the contemporary context, combining manual procedures with highly automated digital technologies. The main and most anticipated part of the installation will again be the robotic portraiture studio.

 The project theme “Leather and its application in the interior” gave rise to five different designs. Individual projects deal with the topic from an ethical, aesthetic and functional point of view. And while the individual approach of each designer is apparent, they are united by a respect for materials and precise craftsmanship. We can mention the subtle lounging chair that utilizes pressed leather Second Skin, a coat rack for storing unique items Piedestal, a table - statue Statics, liquor cabinet Chin Chin or lamp Mycophyta, which instead of leather uses an alternative type of mushroom.

 In addition to the aforementioned projects, the curators decided to include two diploma projects in the exhibition. One of them is Nyiny Chairs, which utilizes the possibility of flattening and the hydraulic pressing of metal profiles. The second project Metr deals with the tape measure/ruler as a tool and follows its overlap into theoretical fields in connection with the role of the designer.


All the above-mentioned projects can be seen from September 5th to the 30th in the spaces of the Prague House exhibition in Brussels.


Terezie Lexová, Natálie Navrátilová, Štěpán Smetana, Ludmila Esterková, Tomáš Rachunek, Matěj Coufal, Adam Štok; Studiolo Robotico R.U.R. - Aneta Honzová, Dita Lešovská, Terezie Lexová, Daniel Pokorný, Jitka Šemberová, Barbora Vildová, Petr Vykoukal
Exhibition curators:
Lada Hubatová Vacková, Jan Němeček, Michal Froněk
Educational leadership:
Jan Němeček a Michal Froněk, Lada Hubatová Vacková, Roman Vrtiška a Vladimír Žák
Graphic Design:
Nam Do Hoai
Illustration and Graphic Design
- Studiolo Robotico R.U.R.:  Jakub Plachý, Matúš Buranovský
Video -
Studiolo Robotico R.U.R.: Patrik Trska
Costumes -
Studiolo Robotico R.U.R.: Ondřej Kinský
Type design -
Studiolo Robotico R.U.R.: Ondřej Kinský
Architectural design of the exhibition:
Štěpán Smetana a Terezie Lexová
Terezie Lexová, Štěpán Smetana, Michaela Kaplánková
Agnes Willow a Jakub Delibalta


Dates of performances for the robotic portrait studio: September 4th (for journalists), September 5th and 26th.


Acknowledgments to Ondřej Šíma's bag and leather making workshop, who cooperated on the leather project in its application to the interior.


About Design September in Brussels and the role of the Prague House

The Brussels Design September Festival is the largest design show in Belgium. Every year, for a month the City of Brussels hosts dozens of cultural and commercial events, it is an opportunity for Belgian and international designers to meet, and where both experts and the general public converge. This year's 13th annual festival aims to present the latest trends in Belgian and international design with an emphasis on the multidisciplinary style of various influences, crafts, and professions. Design in a variety of forms takes an increasingly important place in the everyday life of the city of Brussels: urban furniture, installation, lighting, and designer innovations in the urban landscape. The festival contributes positively to the prestige of the city and its economic and tourist activities.


 Representation of the Capital City of Prague to the European Union was opened in 2002. Its key mission is to continuously ensure awareness of Prague and its interests among representatives of European institutions and other relevant organizations. Important areas of the Prague House are the European fund and the European Committee of the Regions' agenda, as well as the organization of cultural activities which significantly contribute to the acquisition and consolidation of important links to  EU institutions and serve to present the capital city of Prague.