ARTSEMESTR Summer 2016
Created: 7. 6. 2016 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

ARTSEMESTR Summer 2016

Private viewing: Wednesday 8 June 2016 from 7 pm
Exhibition runs until: 13 June 2016
Whole AAAD building, nám. Jana Palacha 80, Prague 1
Opening hours: daily 10 am – 6 pm, admission free


What is Artsemestr?
Artsemestr is a regularly mounted exhibition of term and end-of-term work of students of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. It takes place biannually at the end of the summer and winter semesters. During the course of the Artsemestr show the entire school building becomes on big gallery, in which all the students present the outcomes of the work they have done in the preceding half year. Visitors to the exhibition are thus afforded an infinitely varied show of work, as well as insights into the solving of assignments, working with materials, selected technologies and creative invention.

What is end-of-term work?
End-of-term work consists of the last examination closing the academic year, which tests the abilities and knowledge of the students in handling the assigned topics. It is also a test of their independence in preparation and implementation, because these are conducted without consultation with the head tutors or assistants. The students must ultimately defend their work before a committee of teachers from the school and guest professionals.

When did Artsemestr acquire its present form?
Originally, end-of-term and semester work was not accessible to the public. It was shown in the Academy’s studios as it is today, but was only accessible to students, tutors and the assessment committee. The change to the present form was instigated in 2004 by the then Rector, Prof. ak. arch. Jiří Pelcl, who fully opened this unique show in the dedicated spaces of the school to the wider public.

What does Rector Jindřich Smetana say about the show?
The Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague – AAAD – is a leading institute of tertiary education in the Czech Republic that nurtures leading professionals across almost the entire spectrum of art disciplines – from architecture through design, graphic design and fine and applied arts. AAAD is perceived in this way not only at home, but also abroad, where it has won significant successes especially in recent years, to the point where it is sometimes almost uncomfortably obliged by its own reputation.

Unlike our summarizing exhibitions UMPRUM 2012 and its subsequent repeats, which regularly assemble only a narrow selection of the best work done in the school over the preceding year, ARTSEMESTR is an interesting show of the term and end-of-term work in the individual studios. It is a demonstration of the inventive potential of all the students, their way of thinking and their ability to implement their ideas and share them. During ARTSEMESTR, the school offers in all sincerity samples of everything that is happening on its premises – whether well-accomplished or not. 

Particularly enlightening for the public is the opportunity to see the process of creative searching, successful finding and remarkable experimentation, but also failed attempts. Such is AAAD.


What other events can you look forward to during Artsemestr?
From 9 June until 30 July 2016, the international exhibition 5 Uneasy Pieces + Open Case will be mounted in Gallery UM.
On Saturday 11 June, AAAD will participate in the project Prague Museum Night, during which the entire Artsemestr show as well as Gallery UM will be open to the public. The AAAD library will present its literary treasures and in Lecture Theatre no. 115 there will be a screening of a selection of the best pieces by the Studio of Film and TV Graphics. An art-adventure game has been prepared for the youngest visitors.

What dates are worth noting in your diary?
Artsemestr exhibition: 9 –13 June 2016, open from 10 am to 6 pm
Artsemestr private viewing: 8 June at 7 pm
Artsemestr on Prague Museum Night: 11 June from 7 pm to 1 am (library open until 10 pm)
Special programme for children on Prague Museum Night: 11 June from 4 pm

Where is it all happening?
Artsemestr takes place in the spaces of the entire school building, from the ground floor, where the Studio of Sculpture and the Studio of Industrial Design are located, to the uppermost floor in the loft, where you will find the Studio of Photography and the Studio of Film and TV Graphics.    

The Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, nám. Jana Palacha 80, Prague 1


What studios are exhibiting in Artsemsetr and what are they showing?

Studio of Architecture Isemester project: Completion of the gymnasium and cultural hall of the Secondary School in Brandýs nad Labem / end-of-term: Picture and Sculpture

Studio of Architecture IIsemester project: Utopia – City for 10 Million Inhabitants / end-of-term: Utopia, Nucleus – free topic, but architectural

Studio of Architecture III – end-of-term: Gone with the Wind: architecture of Erosion – Landscape design in the vicinity of Ein Avdat Canyon, Transformation of the desert into an architectural landscape, erosion and aggregation as architectural tools

Studio of Architecture IV – end-of-term: Baugruppe Praha (apartment houses in the Prague Heritage Reservation)

Studio of Industrial Design - semester project: topic Škoda, project Fit 2 digital 2.0  - designing a vehicle for a specific individual or group, the concept of mobility for 2040 (will be exhibited in the gallery ExPost), task for 1st year - steering wheel for a limousine and a sports car  / end-of-term: 1st year – gardening tools for the firm Festool, 2nd – 5th year – cycle stand for the town of Hradec Králové (direct collaboration with the city) / bachelor degree work on the topic Functional Table Soccer

Studio of Furniture and Interior Design – semester project: Light as atmosphere – creating a functional light fixture prototype / end-of-term: WRITING - design of stationary

Studio of Product DesignCollaboration with the firm Festka – bicycle saddle, transportation and sales packaging for cycles.  Golden Prague beer bottle, Mobile hotdog stand for Ambiente, Hermés display window design

Studio of Sculpture - Free topic

Studio of Painting - Free topic

Studio of Intermedia Art – end-of-term: Selection of semester work, without curatorial direction and self-portraits of individual students in a uniform format to serve also as individual captions

Studio of Supermedia – end-of-term: Free topic

Studio of Photography – end-of-term: Interpersonal confrontation

Studio of Glass – end-of-term: Czech glass

Studio of Ceramics and Porcelain – end-of-term: Ornament for Prezident service and free topic

Studio K.O.V. – end-of-term: Collaboration with T Mobile - Internet of Things, “internet of things” is the IT term for the interconnection of installed hardware and the internet. Wireless connection in particular brings new possibilities of interaction, control, watching and ensuring advanced services

Studio of Fashion Design – end-of-term: Elegance

Studio of Fashion and Footwear Design – end-of-term: Japan – quiet strength

Studio of Textile Design – The position of indigo printing today. Ornament - experiment - object, collaboration with a traditional indigo print manufacturer - Danziger.

Studio of Illustration and Graphics – end-of-term: Motorcut – large-format woodcuts on the theme of Migration, Artist’s book – the many forms of the artist’s book, Academic printmaking – inspiration of the National Gallery Picture Gallery, National History Museum - workshop.

Studio of Type Design and Typography – end-of-term: Evolution - Redesign of existing typefaces. The outcome is a fully-functional digitized character set.

Studio of Graphic Design and visual Communication – semester project: Porcelain decoration for Moser / Headline lettering / Illustrations for a book by E. A. Poe / Self-portraitS

Studio of Film and TV Graphics – semester project: Video clips, video-mapping in space / end-of-term: Don’t provoke chance by unnecessary risk – projection of animations onto the architecture of the school building

Studio of Graphic Design and New Media – end-of-term: Treasure Island shows nothing but beauty!

Visual Arts (study programme in English) – project Night of the Scientists

Photos of the opening ceremony (Peter Fabo)