ARTSEMESTR Summer 2017
Created: 1. 6. 2017 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

ARTSEMESTR Summer 2017

Opening night: Tuesday, 6th June 2017 at 7pm (coincides with the opening of the Jaroslav Benda exhibition at UM Gallery)
Runs from 7th June to 10th June 2017
The entire UMPRUM building (Náměstí Jana Palacha 80, Prague) will be open to the public
Open daily from 10am to 6pm

Prague Museum Night (10th June) – open till 1am!
Free entry


Self-made fashion and designer brands, urban electric bus design, joint projects with a host of top manufacturers and lots of exciting new work. Students from all of UMPRUM’s studios present their regular showcase of graduation and semester projects as part of Artsemestr – Summer 2017.

In keeping with tradition, UMPRUM’S biannual exhibition of end-of-term student work will open to the public. As well as the varied output of the school’s individual studios there is also a diverse focus on individual topics. As well as collaborating with manufacturers, UMPRUM’s graphic, architecture, design and applied art studios also share ideas with each other and work closely together.

Vice-rector for external relations and international collaboration, Jiří Pelcl, talks about the benefits of partnering studios with external talent: “Collaboration between a variety of disciplines and gaining an understanding of the methods that go into creating and promoting a product are the essential basis for the independent practice of our students. The fact that none of our studios work in isolation provides the ideal environment for establishing those crucial first interdisciplinary contacts.”

Over five days, visitors can view exhibitions which will be on show in UMPRUM’s studios and selected classrooms. On Saturday, 10th June, the school will be open until 1am as part of Prague Museum Night. An accompanying programme for visitors will be available on the night.

Studios & Topics

Studio of Architecture I 
The Lost Villages of Fukov – an architectural solution to the question of how to deal with the remnants of things past – a demolished church, a cemetery, an entire village. Construct a memorial, arrange a landscape or design a completely new village.

Studio of Architecture II 
Survival – working with the theme of survival and sustainability, Survival offers a solution for three extreme environments peopled by groups of different sizes – the Artic Circle, the 20th parallel north in Africa, and the Bolivian jungle. The project documents different approaches to dealing with scale and also looks at the mental and physical exertions of life.

Studio of Architecture III
Architecture 0.4 – The Fourth Industrial Revolution and its implication for architecture; contactless car wash – in collaboration with Washpoint; work produced for the 2nd round of a competition to design a pavilion for a residential complex in Bratislava.

Studio of Architecture IV 
Disappearance charts the search for places associated with sacred architecture that are now disappearing, how these places can be rediscovered, and how their original meanings can be renewed to offer new functions.

Studio of Industrial Design
Year 1: sculpture project – interpreting different human emotional types using shapes, Years 2–5: HMI and MMI solutions, autonomous cars, interiors for the next Škoda Auto in collaboration with the Graphic Design and Visual Communications Studio.
Final exam work
Year 1: topic in association with Desall competition – designing new-look gardening tools, Years 2–5: designing an urban electric bus in partnership with Škoda Electric.

Studio of Furniture and Interior Design
Designing apartments in partnership with FLOS; utilising the potential of recycled building materials, designing products from PACKWALL materials.
Final exam work: Archaeological discovery in 3017, designing and manufacturing a product that might be found in 1000 years’ time.

Studio of Product Design
In partnership with Tvarmetal, students create a subsidiary company featuring a new brand and new products using Tvarmetal technologies.
Final exam work: New Start – in collaboration with Koma Modular – interior solutions for modular buildings designed as short-term lets targeting large groups.

Studio of Sculpture
Land Art, Common Land – an exhibition of various civic and student initiatives that closely reflect students’ attitudes and opinions
Final exam work: Free topic (final exam work will be exhibited at the Intermedia Art Studio II at AVU – Academy of Fine Arts)

Studio of Painting
Free topic

Studio of Intermedia Art
Free topic

Studio of Supermedia
Free topic

Studio of Photography
Inspired by Harun Farocki’s film Still Life (1997) with a focus on the camera as tool.
Final exam work: Free topic

Studio of Glass
Tap-water carafe for Veolia
Final exam work: Fiore – Flower

Studio of Ceramics and Porcelain 
Tea-set in partnership with Tea Mountain
Final exam topic: Inspired by different themes and ideas, e.g. Technologies and Techniques, What Trends are Current?, The Future of Ceramics – Composites and New Materials, and many more.

Studio of Concept – Object – Meaning (K.O.V.) 
A product for the studio’s design store – manufacturing and designing logotypes, packaging and instructions for use…from a range of items for households to artifacts with ethical and ecological purpose.

Studio of Fashion Design
Film – a wearable designer collection inspired by selected film titles.

Studio of Fashion and Footwear Design 
Real Fashion for Real People – establishing a boutique and brand for customers of a specific age group and class. Each collection has 6 models.

Studio of Textile Design 
Textile Collection 2018 – preparing a textile collection for 2018 including exact descriptions of trends and instructions for use.

Studio of Illustration and Graphics
The House comics collection recounts weird stories from a house in Nusle
Watched – Spy drawings depicting life in the units of an unnamed institution
Tour de – What happens on a ten-day trip through the Czech landscape
Guest – Specific illustrations for a traditional magazine with a modern layout;
The Excellent Magazine – A studio magazine devoted to comics, illustrations and drawings that overlap with social topics. Rare interviews, reviews and exclusive recommendations...
Type Design and Typography Studio – Orientation system for the new UMPRUM technological building on Mikulandská Street
Final exam work: Utilising at least three elements for a material system

Studio of Graphic Design and Visual Communications 
Book 21 – digitising a selection of books from the UMPRUM library and looking at how they reflect the development, form and meaning of these titles in the context of today’s world.
User Experiences of Škoda’s Semi-Autonomous Cars (2022) – a collaboration between students of the Industrial Design Studio.

Studio of Film and TV Graphics 
Comic book collection on the theme of Edgar Allen Poe’s collection of short stories – Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque
Filming a short studio presentation (whole studio) + cut-out animation on the theme of the circus (Year 1 + international visiting students)
Final exam work: Filming thrillers based on published comics based on semester work.

Studio of Graphic Design and New Media
NEW and HALLUCINATION – digital projects developed in partnership with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague. New instruments that convert images into sound recordings, VJ sets and mutated hallucinations using the Dreamscope app, creative use of etching + works-in-progress, including visuals for FAMUFEST, POP Book and workshops…